How to Get HBCU cheerleading scholarships

How to Get HBCU cheerleading scholarships- historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) institutions are making higher education accessible and affordable for African-American students. In the recent times, many high school students apply to HBCU scholarships and there are many openings year round.  The HBCU understands that there are families struggling to foot academic bills and that is why they sponsor scholarships for indigent and desiring students, averagely the cost of tuition to attend a public college is up to $9,650 for students who reside in the states and the fee is very much higher at $24,930 for students who stay out-of-state.

HBCU offers cheerleading scholarships and many high school students who submit their interest form to get selected for the HBCU cheerleading scholarship rely on the financial aid from the scholarship to make higher education affordable and possible.

Find out how you can get HBCU cheerleading scholarship by reading carefully!

Summary of Details About HBCU Cheerleading Scholarships

Application Deadline: Usually for the Fall semester , the deadline is on the 15th of June and for the Spring Semester, the deadline is on the 2nd day of November. As a High School Student, you are given priority until the 1st of April.

Majors Targeted for this scholarship : Cheerleading Scholarship

Award Type: This Scholarship Awards Money

Contact Person: You should contact the Athletics Department

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Who is eligible for HBCU cheerleading scholarships?

  • If you are able to show a high-level of athletic ability in cheerleading, then you are fit to apply. Other related skills such as tumbling,numbing andstunting are added advantages .
  • You must have GPA not less than 2.5 , and it is good to bear in mind that more preference may be given to persons who havebetter GPArecords and those with exceptional academic record.
  • As astudent who wish to be selected under the HBCU scholarship, you should show that you have a good leadership potential, and this must be demonstrated both within and outside of cheerleading.


Before applying to HBCU cheerleading scholarship,make sure to check the eligibility requirements and if you are qualified, here are other things you need to do.

1: Compete at the highest level to get noticed

Asides the HBCU program, when it comes to getting Cheer scholarships you will find out that they are mostly available for programs that are too competitive. So the first thing you should do is to make sure that your skills are exceptional, compare your skills with the rest of the squad and there is room for improvement. Coaches mostly make available scholarship openings to the cheerleaders who are able to win competitions. You should try as much as possible to outshine the other rosters to get to the top.

2: Go to the college clinics

Going to the College clinics is a very vital section of recruiting process, it is there that you can learn how recruits are taught on skills and routines to be used during the school’s tryouts. In the school clinics you will also learn about sideline cheers, fight songs, stunts including the necessary skills that are required to compete and win on that squad. To cut the story short, college and university coaches use the school clinics and open gyms to carry out the activity of scouting athletes.

3: Maintain an Exceptional GPA:

Your coaches wont notice you if your GPA is fluctuating from high to low, they place more value to recruits who are able to maintain a high GPA qualification and of course your test scores must be sound. HBCU awards academic scholarships to student-athletes who are able to maintain a high GPA. And your scholarship will be renewed so long as you keep on meeting their requirements.

4: Create a video to let them notice your skills:

It is possible that you are good but your coach still doesn’t notice you as one who is eligible for HBCU scholarship, and at this point you need to take action. What should you do? The goodnews is that after the physical examination there is still an opportunity for online evaluations. You just have to do a recruiting video that is clear and concise, make sure to showcase your cheerleading skills and inform them of your exceptional grades and qualifications. Send the videos to your school and to your coach, the earlier you do this the better.

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