Volleyball scholarships for international students

Volleyball scholarships for international students: There are countless scholarship opportunities available for foreign and local volleyball players in all grade levels. Most volleyball scholarships for international students are offered to outstanding volleyball players in college. The majority of schools recruiting volleyball players offer admissions alongside scholarships, and these opportunities are specifically recommended for high school seniors seeking to gain higher educational studies with little or no means of funding.


Of course! There are many international colleges offering volleyball scholarship opportunities, so if you are a talented high school athlete, either at NCAA Division one and two, NAIA schools, or junior colleges, you can begin your application to secure volleyball scholarships. To win a scholarship as an athlete, you must make the coach understand that you are heavily qualified and that you would make a positive impact on the overall performance of the team for the time range of four years in college.

Who can apply for volleyball scholarships for international students?

You can apply for a scholarship in volleyball if you meet the following requirements for foreign and international students:

  • The candidate is expected to be a graduate of high school.
  • The athlete is required to round up 16 core courses, and upon completion, he or she should make no less than a 2.3 GPA in those courses. The compulsory course requirements are as follows: You should have:
  1. four (4) years of English;
  2. three (3) years of mathematics (Algebra 1 or more);
  3. Two (2) years of natural science or physical science;
  4. Two (2) years of social science;
  5. An extra year of English, mathematics, or science;
  6. four (4) years of religion, philosophy, foreign language, or extra study years in any of the categories above.
  • You are expected to complete 10 of their 16 core courses prior to going into the junior year of high school.
  • Athletes are expected to register and sit for the SAT or ACT exams, and they should score not less than 400 on the SAT (for the math and reading categories only) or 37 on the ACT (total score).
  • The athlete’s core course GPA, in conjunction with their SAT/ACT score, should meet the eligibility levels and minimum entry requirements judging by the NCAA Sliding Scale.

How do you get a volleyball scholarship in the US?
Here is how to get a volleyball scholarship

For athletic scholarships in the United States, students are expected to maintain a minimum GPA level in order to be eligible for scholarships. One other sure way of getting these opportunities is through your volleyball skills. Let your exceptional skills impress the college coaches. Note that you are not only expected to be good at volleyball but also have other skills that make you a better athlete to be chosen, and you should work to be an asset to the school’s volleyball team, not a liability!

Volleyball scholarships for international students

Women’s volleyball scholarships

1 UCLA Women’s Volleyball Scholarship Program

UCLA female volleyballers

UCLA women’s volleyball scholarships are available for exceptional athletic women, and the host institution is consistently close to the leading team.

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UCLA provides a series of awards for the best-performing athletes, and athletes with good academic performance can also be recognized.  If you a woman doing really well in sports, then consider joining the UCLA team.

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2 Michigan State University Full Scholarships for Female Volleyballers

This NCAA Division 1 school is providing a fully funded scholarship opportunity for eligible, highly performing female volleyball players. The team takes in all-American players who want to join the women’s volleyball club.

3 Francis Marion University Scholarships

If you are a Division II player, you may wish to apply for the scholarship at Francis University. It is a small school, but the opportunity is massive. Francis Marion University provides scholarship opportunities that allow every eligible solid scholar-athlete to round up studies at the collegiate level.

Men’s volleyball scholarships

There are now many scholarships for male volleyball players, and the list is increasing day by day. Here are some of the famous ones you can apply for:

1 The University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA Volleyball Scholarships

UCLA is the host institution for the leading Division I men’s volleyball teams in California. UCLA is inviting academically sound students, and students with sound records have higher chances of gaining scholarships. UCLA is proud of the Wooden Athletic Fund and Athletic Endowments, which have helped it actualize the desired goals of the team, and their alumni are generous. Not to forget that the team has a strong fan base. This forum and other remarkable improvements make the financial burden on the UCLA men’s volleyball team less stressful, and they now sign top players by presenting them with generous financial aid scholarships.

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2 Penn State volleyball scholarships for men

Penn State volleyball male
The Penn State men’s volleyball team is making waves in the field of sports around the country. The Penn State program for men grants scholarships to some of the top players spread across the country. These scholarships are sponsored by corporate partners, generous alumni, as well as other Penn State benefactors.

3 University of Hawaii at Manoa Scholarships

The Hawaii University offers suitable grounds for college players seeking to explore the beautiful team. The volleyball scholarship program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa is a highly competitive one for men’s volleyball; they are mostly ranked in the top 10.  The university has strong dedication to academics while upholding athletic performance, so you can get started!

4 The Brigham Young University (BYU) Men’s Volleyball Scholarship

The Brigham Young University (BYU) Men’s Volleyball Scholarships are funded by the school’s alumni and loyal fans.

Can you get into Harvard with a volleyball scholarship?

Unfortunately, you cannot get a volleyball scholarship at Harvard. This is because Harvard is an Ivy League institution, and for that reason, they do not provide any form of athletic or academic scholarships to local or international students. Additionally, Harvard is providing other forms of need-based financial aid opportunities to students who have demonstrated a need for funding.

Are there volleyball scholarships for high school students?

Most student-athletes start off their career lives and advance more at the high school stage. For this reason, there are many volleyball programs available for high school students seeking to start their career in volleyball under a funded program. On the list of scholarships are:

1 Green-Anderson Volleyball Scholarship

The Green-Anderson-Andersonsponsors high school students and athletes under their program.

2 Dr. Edward Chavez Athletic Scholarship

This athletic program is open to high school students who wish to pursue a progressive career as volleyball players.

Can you get a full-ride scholarship for volleyball?

Yes, there are many full ride scholarships in Volleyball and you can apply for anyone that you meet their eligibility levels.


To win volleyball scholarships for international students, you must make the coach understand that you are heavily qualified and that you would make a positive impact on the overall performance of the team for a time range of four years in college. There are many international colleges offering volleyball scholarship opportunities.

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