How to become Reg 4 certified

How to become Reg 4 certified: The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) sets a regulation that specifies that every piece of fire protection equipment is monitored with apt care and is up-to-date following the Reg 4 protocols, also known as Chief’s Regulation 4. When LAFD wants to carry out the reg 4 inspection duties, they employ the help of certified testers. There are many certified LAFD Chief’s Regulation 4 testers nearby, and this article will guide you through all you need to know about Reg 4 testing and certifications.

What is Reg 4 testing?

Reg 4 testing is an initiative of the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) to ensure the safety of the fire safety equipment in a building and to make sure that it is maintained in life-saving states for optimum safety. Reg 4 testing is a yearly process that is set up in such a way that a wide range of fire safety systems are monitored.

The Chief’s Regulation Number 4 program is a testing initiative that strives to uphold every activity that has to do with the maintenance and safety of fire protection systems to ensure a smooth operation. If systems are checked and approved by the Fire and/or Building Departments, they should go for testing and inspection, which occurs at 1 or 5 year intervals. It is this testing that we call Reg. 4.

Why is the Reg 4 testing carried out?

The Reg 4 testing is done to ensure the safety of the fire safety equipment in a building and to make sure that it is maintained in life-saving conditions for optimum safety. Regulation 4 testing is carried out on a regular basis, and the schedule for running these tests is heavily dependent on the kind of building you are testing and the fire safety systems that are specific to the structure. For best safety, fire alarms should be tested every year, and sprinkler systems should be tested every five-year interval.

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What do certified experts test for?

On inspection, the certified experts who would be carrying out the test check the following for faults:

  1. The Complex Fire Warning Systems
  2. The Basic Fire Warning Systems
  3. The Central Station Signaling Systems
  4. The smoke management systems
  5. The fire pumping systems
  6. The Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

How to become Reg 4 certified: reg 4 testing certification

To become certified under the Chief’s Regulation Number 4 program, abide by the following guidelines:

  1. Complete the online application form by providing all the required application documents and attaching them to the Reg-4 Dropbox link.
  2. Upon successful application, you will be scheduled for an appointment and interview via email. The appointment requires you to submit your application and then select a form of payment. Bear in mind that it is only those applications that are completely filled that will be subject to acceptance.

Reach out to the Chief’s Regulation 4 Testers, reg 4 fire testing  by mailing: 

Reach out to their Health Care Facilitator Instructors via mail at and to the High-Rise Life or Safety Service team at

The last hour to submit your applications is 12:00 PM on the Thursday that comes before the exam.

Reg 4 testing near me

There are many Los Angeles property owners & managers that run this testing; among them is George Saadian of Fire Protection Group, Inc.

George Saadian of Fire Protection Group, Inc.

This group is a certified LAFD Chief’s Regulation (Reg) 4 tester. Global Fire Technologies, Inc. specializes in the testing and maintenance of some of the most basic and complex fire alarms; they also deal with the testing of central stations, among other Regulation 4 testing procedures.

How do you test a fire suppression system?

Here is how to test a fire suppression system:

  1. First, look out for the inspector’s test valve.
  2. When you find the inspector’s test valve, slowly open it up and make sure that the valve is lined up with the pipe.
  3. Gently allow the water to flow; this can be timed for about 60 seconds, or you can stop when the alarm sounds.
  4. If you are connected to a central station, place a call immediately to verify that the signal is good.
  5. You can now close the inspector’s test valve.

How often should manual call points be tested?

You should manually test the call points every week. When carrying out this weekly routine, make sure to activate not less than one fire alarm call point and listen up to make sure that the alarm sounds and confirm that the panel got the signal. On a weekly basis, you are to ensure that you test a different call point for better functionality.

How to do a weekly fire alarm test?

When you want to test your fire alarm on a weekly basis, follow these simple directions below:

  • First, get your customers informed. Also,  let the staff in your company know the laid-out plan and inform your alarm receiving center that you will be carrying out an imminent alarm test.
  • Turn on the Signal Test Switch; the switch is located very close to the panel.
  • Run the test to check the operating system by turning on a manual call point via the activating bar and making use of the test key provided.

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