Missouri S&T acceptance rate | Is Missouri S&T a good school?

Missouri S&T acceptance rate: Is Missouri S&T a good school? Missouri S&T is famous for its engineering discipline, and they are also offering degree science programs, programs in business and management systems, social science programs, information science and technology programs, and programs in the humanities or arts.

Is Missouri S&T prestigious?

Most people ask if Missouri S&T is prestigious; the answer is yes! This institution is nationally recognized for its impact on humanity and its high earning potential, as reported by the New York Times review publication. Missouri S&T does not just stand as a public university, but it has made it in the top ten (10) universities at the Wall Street Journal publication in universities that have a good salary impact.

What is the Missouri S&T acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate at Missouri University of Science and Technology is 81%. That’s a very good value there! In every 1000 applications received, the institution admits 810.

Half the applicants who are successfully admitted into the Missouri University of Science and Technology, judging by their SAT scores, applied for admissions with SAT scores between 1173 and 1370, or those with an ACT certification scored between 25 and 31. About a quarter of the applicants who are admitted scaled even higher than the above ranges, and one quarter of them scored less than these ranges.

Financial Aid Opportunities at Missouri S & T

Is Missouri S & T a good school?

The Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T), whose foundation dates back to 1870, has many interesting attributes that support the idea that the institution is not only a good school but a perfect school for your child. Here is our supporting evidence:

1: The institution’s reputation and ranking

  • In the Best Colleges (2024 edition), Missouri S&T made it to the 185th position among all other national universities.
  • The institution is in the top 200 universities for higher education in the United States.
  • Princeton Review (2023) placed this institution in the 3rd position in their best public university for career placement.
  • Money’s 2022 review placed Missouri S&T as the 5th best college for engineering majors (and the first college in Missouri).

2: They have a wide variety of academic programs.  

At Missouri S&T, they offer a wide range of engineering majors to get into undergraduate studies; among them are:

  1. aerospace engineering,
  2. mining engineering,
  3. petroleum engineering, and
  4. engineering management.

Aside from the STEM fields, the institution offers programs in the humanities and liberal arts, including philosophy and history.

3: Welcoming Campus Life:

As a freshman and a sophomore, you are typically expected to reside on campus, except for special cases.

Students are also free to select from a variety of housing options, like:

  • traditional residence halls,
  • suites,
  • apartments,
  • the university’s Solar Village

The student community is also a peaceful one; they unite to attend special events like:

  • Snowball Semiformal
  • Fall Fest and
  • Patrick’s Day, which is usually a weeklong program.

4: Athletics Engagement and Accomplishments:

The Missouri S&T Miners engage in athletic competitions; they are among the competing teams in the NCAA Division II Great Lakes Valley Conference.

5: Notable and Famous Alumni

The school has produced reputable personalities in the global space, such as:

  • Joe Ballard, who was a one-time commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Countless NASA astronauts.

Does Missouri S&T give financial aid to international students?

The institution makes available financial aid opportunities that are awarded on a merit basis for international freshmen, and these opportunities are also open to transfer students. They also offer graduate assistantship opportunities for international students who are graduates. Know this: as an international student, you are not qualified for federal or state financial aid, so you don’t have to apply for FAFSA.

Here are the financial aid opportunities at the school:

1: International Graduate Merit-Based Scholarships

This opportunity is open to international graduate students who want to attend Missouri S&T. This scholarship is awarded on a merit basis.

You may be interested in Miner alumni scholarship MST 

2: Fulbright Scholarship for International Students

If you are a Fulbright student and you are enrolled in a graduate degree program at Missouri S&T, you are eligible to apply for the Fulbright Graduate Student Scholarship.

3: International Graduate Assistantships

International graduate assistantships offer a limited number of opportunities for graduate research assistants and teaching assistants in their academic departments.

4: The International Merit-Based Scholarships

The International Merit-Based Scholarships are open to undergraduate students. As soon as you confirm that you have been admitted to S&T as an international freshman and as a transfer student, you are free to apply for this scholarship, and the selection is based on merit.

5: Kummer Vanguard Scholars Scholarship

The Kummer Vanguard Scholars Program is funded by June and Fred Kummer as part of their support to promote and support undergraduate students who are in STEM fields.


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