Requirements for UK TB Screening at Shipmed Durban

Requirements for UK TB Screening at Shipmed Durban: ShipMed is located in Durban, and it is one of the many centers offering UK TB testing and screening. The center is fully registered and is screening for TB on behalf of the body in charge, the International Organization of Migration (IOM).

Requirements for UK TB screening at Shipmed Durban

  • Applicants who are under the age of 11 are to undergo the steps in a medical check; there is no x-ray required for such applicants under this bracket. They are required to pay the test fee of R1500 per individual.
  • Applicants who are aged 11 years or older are required to pass through the X-ray testing stage only, and the price is R3000 per

Please note that Shipmed Durban may change their prices from time to time, so you can confirm from their website or using the contact details provided in this article. All in all, the pricing listed on the IOM website is the general accepted one, and ShipMed is only quoting what you are expected to prepare in hand to make the process stress-free. Consult the IOM website for up-to-date information on the application fee. Here is Where can I book a TB test for UK visa in South Africa?

Documents Required for Booking a UK TB Screening Appointment at Shipmed Durban

The following documents are needed when applying for UK TB screening at Shipmed.

  • A valid and original passport of an applicant is required; there is no need to certify this document.
  • Proof of your payment, which should clearly show the reference number of your transaction
  • Any document, paper, or form showing a UK home address and the contact details. Note that it is not necessary to provide the address of where you will be staying in the UK, but the address of anyone you know residing in the UK.

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Where is ShipMed Medical Services located?

You can reach Shipmed Medical Services at their office location at 25 Glenwood Drive, Durban, and applicants who are unable to get to their physical location before scheduling an appointment with them can reach them via the following contact details:

Their phone number is +27 31 261 8291. Email:

How long does it take for the ShipMed Durban screening?

To round up the screening at Shipmed, it can take up to six (6) hours, but one thing I can assure you is that it is possible to get your medical certificate on the same day.

  1. Applicants who are 11 years old or older and need to apply for X-ray testing will have to visit Lake, Smit, and Partners: The Entabeni Hospital to carry out an X-ray.
  2. The radiologist who is responsible for X-ray screening will send reports of the tests carried out to ShipMed for possible
  3. If a patient has no attributes of the typical TB infection or acute TB disease in the lungs, they are awarded a medical certificate confirming their fitness, and this response is generated once all conditions are met.

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What if the x-ray results are not clear?

If your test indicates a sign of TB infection or TB disease from your x-ray result, you will be further contacted to see the doctor, who will further carry out confirmatory tests.

  • You will abide by the rules already specified by IOM for further testing. You are to submit your sputum samples to carry out other laboratory testing that would exclude the disease of the target (TB).

Process flow for sputum collection and testing, if required

  1. Present three (3) different sputum samples (which must be respiratory tract secretions, and each of the samples must be taken by professional expects at ShipMed on these three (3) consecutive days.
  2. Once samples are collected, they are screened under the following tests:
  3. For acid fast testing, the results are available within 24 hours of testing, and you may have to collect your results on the following day.
  4. Microscopy, culture, and sensitivity testing, and the results will be ready within 6 to 8 weeks.
  5. If all three sputum examinations are clear, then we are awarded a medical

How do I get to ShipMed?

Get to ShipMed at 25 Glenwood Drive, Durban. Shipmed specifies that applicants in the following categories are to reach out to the clinic rather than making use of the online system of application.

  1. If you have previously passed through the process of registration and UK TB screening,
  2. If you are an applicant who is under the age of 11,

They are open from Monday to Friday, with work hours from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; please note that they are not open during holidays.

What do I need to bring for my UKTB screening appointment?

A valid and original passport of the applicant, proof of your payment, which should clearly show the reference number of your transaction, and a valid UK address.

How much does an immigration medical exam cost in South Africa?

In South Africa, you will be charged R1 465.00 by the doctor to complete the steps of the medical examination and review of the application documents.



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