Patrolman/Patrolwoman Recruitment 2024


Patrolman/Patrolwoman Recruitment 2024

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Applicants are called to start preparing for Patrolman/Patrolwoman recruitment for the year 2024 round. Interested candidates are by this notice prompted to start preparing their initial application documents for the submission of interest forms to the Philippine National Police (PNP) units of their choice.  They should also bear in mind that the recruitment process for this offer is free of charge

Appropriate Eligibilities for Patrolman/Patrolwoman Recruitments

To apply for this recruitment, here are the appropriate that must be met by every applicant.

  • The NAPOLCOM PNP Entrance Examination
  • Republic Act. (R.A.) Number 6506, as amended by R.A. Number11131 (Licensed Criminologist)
  • A. Number 1080 (Bar & Board Examinations)
  • Presidential Decree (PD) Number907(Granting Civil Service requirement to College Honor Graduates)
  • The Civil Service Professional (CS Prof) Exam.

General Application Qualifications

Candidates for Patrolman/Patrolwoman recruitment must meet the following general application qualifications :

  1. You must be a truecitizen of the Philippines
  2. You must have a sound moral character
  3. You must scale through the BMI, physical agility test,pass the neuro and medical examination, and you must pass the drug test.
  4. You must be qualified following the standards as set by NAPOLCOM
  5. You must be in hold of a formal baccalaureate degree and the degree must be obtained from a recognized institutionof higher learning.
  6. You should not be agedbe less than twenty-one years old (21) or aged more thanthirty years old (30).

Requirements to apply for Patrolman/Patrolwoman recruitment:

To apply, you should gather the following papers:

  1. Your PSA Birth Certificate and it should be with the receipt
  2. Scholastic Records (this record is expected to be original or authenticated):
  3. A College Diploma;The Transcript of Record (TOR) from your college with GWA; andCertification, Authentication, as welll as Verification (obtained from your School or CHED). Make sure that the documents are original or authenticated
  4. Your Board Exam Rating, ora NAPOLCOM Exam Result of yours. A Civil Service Exam Result can also stand in.
  5. Honor Graduate EligibilityLevel (PD 907)
  6. The Civil Service Commission PDS
  7. NAPOLCOMAge waiver or Height

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How much does Patrolman or Patrolwoman earn

The average salary earned by Patrolman or Patrolwoman in Philippine is up to Php 29,668.00 on a monthly basis.

How to Apply

As the date we got the information about these application requirements, the link to apply is not yet released and the sim of this alert is for you to prepare your application documents as the application will start soon, we will announce the application soon as it starts. As for now, take your time to gather all details that you will use to apply to the Philippine National Police (PNP) unit of your choice.

For more Information, Contact the PNP Recruitment and Selection Service Directly through the following contact details: 0908-430-6067 or visit their page on Facebook at Good luck!

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