Free CDL training for unemployed

Free CDL training for unemployed: There are many opportunities for commercial driving licensed drivers abroad, and as an unemployed person, you may have considered becoming a CDL driver, but you don’t have enough funds to finance the training process. Here is the good news: if you are unemployed and really interested in becoming a driver, there are now programs available for you to get licensed free of charge. Learn more about these programs and how you can take advantage of the free CDL training for unemployed by reading carefully!

What is CDL training?

Some people may still be confused about the meaning of CDL. It’s better to clear out the confusion, as we will be using the acronym frequently in this article. CDL is an acronym that stands for commercial driving license. It is a way to prove that someone has successfully passed through the commercial driving license training, and upon completion of the training, the CDL certificate is given. Being a CDL driver means that you have been taught, tested, and passed the required knowledge as well as the practical road tests required to be fully certified to drive and be recruited by agencies and companies as a driver.

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Where can I get free CDL training for unemployed?

1: Free CDL training for unemployed through non-profits and charities

Non-profit organizations and charities provide CDL training opportunities free of charge, but you must meet their eligibility requirements. These centers fund the programs through grants, donations, government grants, and corporate donors. They offer this training to keep up with their mission of existence.

Here are some of the non-profit and charity organizations offering free CDL training.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a faith-based (Christian charity) organization that provides free CDL training. The programs are open to unemployed people who are serious about getting the required training to be certified drivers.

Smith and Solomon

Smith and Solomon is a non-profit agency that is offering free CDL training to veterans. The program sponsoring this offer is the Veteran CDL Training Program. Here you get trained and certified as a tractor trailer driver, as a construction worker, and you are trained to become a long haul driver, etc.

You also stand a chance to secure job placements at the end of this program since they will be referring unemployed CDL drivers to hiring companies.

Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries is a national charity offering CDL training to unemployed people. Their program extends to people who are formerly homeless or who are underemployed. This free CDL program rides you through classroom instruction, and you will get hands-on training experience, mentorship opportunities, and, at the end, an assistant to get job placements.

2: Free CDL training for unemployed through government job training centers

Government job training centers offer free CDL license training, and these programs are funded by the government. These programs usually provide free grants that would cover your training to become a CDL driver at any training centers close to you. Among these initiatives is the WIA program. These centers not only provide you with training, but they also carry out career counseling and help you secure job placement services.

3: Vocational Schools and Community Colleges

There are several vocational schools and community colleges where one can get free CDL training and certifications, and even if you don’t see a nearby free program, their training is often low-cost so that an unemployed person can afford the cost. These establishments offer career-oriented education and training programs, and employed persons can gain experience in the high-demand fields of commercial truck driving.

4: Free CDL training for unemployed through unemployment insurance programs

There are many unemployment insurance programs in the USA that are available to offer temporary financial aid to people who are unemployed or have lost their jobs (for reasons that are not their fault). These programs are funded by the state governments. These programs help the unemployed acquire new skills, which can be useful in securing employment more quickly.

5: State and Local Workforce Development Boards

You can also find free CDL training opportunities at the state and local workforce development boards in the US. These boards, from time to time, offer job training and employment services, and eligible persons from their communities can apply; you just need to be informed.

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6: Private Trucking Companies

Truck companies operated by private owners can also provide free CDL training to people who are unemployed. Among these companies are: CRST Expedited, Schneider National, The Werner Enterprises, Swift Transportation, B. Hunt, Prime Inc., and Roehl Transport.

In most cases, these private companies work hand in hand with job training organizations as well as government agencies that offer training services.

7: Industry Associations and Trade Organizations

There are many industry associations and trade organizations (the likes of trucking associations) that provide free or low-cost CDL training to unemployed youths and to their members.

Here, you also stand a chance to network with likely minds and secure better opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a free CDL in California?

If you are in California and you want to get free CDL training, you can consider the following options:

  • Company-sponsored training programs
  • Vocational Schools and Community Colleges
  • Non-profit organizations and charities

What trucking companies will pay for CDL training near New York, NY?

In NYC, students who are undergoing TMC Transportation Paid CDL Training and persons who are experienced drivers are paid $500 on a weekly basis for a period of five weeks, which is the duration of the training.

Does the Texas workforce pay for CDL?

Workforce Solutions Grants pay for CDL; these grants are funded by the Texas Workforce Commission, and unemployed dedicated persons can gain relevant skills that could secure them employment opportunities for truck drivers.

How can I get my CDL for free in NYC?

If you are in NYC, register for the Commercial Driving Training Program. The program is free; you just need to show evidence that you are unemployed and that you reside in NYC.




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