Urgent Teach Adventure Thailand program Jobs

Urgent Teach Adventure Thailand program Jobs: Applications are welcomed from suitably qualified candidates who want to partake in the Teach Adventure Thailand program. This is a camp job opportunity to work in Thailand and you would be paid 3,000 baht in every fourth week of the program. The program’s duration is 1-3 months and it is an amazing opportunity to work abroad. Read on to learn more about the eligibility criteria and how to apply.

Teach Adventure Thailand program Description 

Host Country: Thailand

Employment Type: This is a Full-Time opportunity

Contract Length: one to three Months

Category of Job Opportunity: This is a Camp Job Opportunity

Who can apply?

Here are Job Qualifications required to apply

  • A candidate must be at least 18 years old and he or she should not be aged above 60years old.
  • You must show a high level of proficiency in This will be judged from both oral and written Englishtesting and it is not a necessity that you should be from  a native English speaking country, just know how to speak, write and communicate in English language fluently.
  • To be eligible, you are expected to be in good physicalstate and your mental health must be stable as well
  • You should also have an evidence that shows that you are withsufficient funds to see for the entire time range of the program in Thailand.

What you will gain from Teach Adventure Thailand program?

  • You are covered under an Insurance for the time range of the program
  • You will pass through a 60-hour online camp counsellor program which is a preparatory programfor you.
  • You are given accommodation in Bangkok to stay for anight, and you also enjoy accommodation for the entire remaining days of the program
  • Fun welcome beach party will be organized and you get to meet with all of your classmates after the cultural orientationcomes to an end.
  • The program pays a stipend of 3,000 baht. This stipend is paid every four weeks during the course of the programin Thailand.
  • Teach Adventure Thailand programoffers Cultural orientation and there are many places visit on excursions.

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Job Highlights and Program Flow

  1. At first week of arrival, the program will welcome you with an interactivesession which is kind of an orientation  course with focus on Thai culture and language. This is a very interesting session for everyone and here is the best time to bond with fellow counselors and make friends staff members. This will take place in Hua Hin, and you will learn everything about the Thai language, their incredible culture, and the society, well trained instructors will oversea this section .
  2. Participants are taken through aseries of cultural excursions that are engaging and educating.
  3. Upon the completion of the training, you are now called to put your skills and what you have learnt into action!
  4. As a counselor, you will be charged to collaborate, plan and execute English campsthat are engaging and educating for students of various ages, this will take place in one or two days. The camp offers everyone a dynamic learning environment so participants can explore and learn new things while making remarkable  differences.

How to apply for Teach Adventure Thailand program

  1. Confirm your eligibility levels
  2. Click on the apply now button to fill in all the required fields: You would be asked to provide the following details
  • Your First Name
  • Your Last Name
  • Your Email
  • Which age range are you?
  • What is your citizenship?
  • Which program are you interested in?
  1. Submit your application

 Apply Now

Application Deadline  for Teach Adventure Thailand program

Teach Adventure Thailand program did not specify a deadline. However, we advise that you apply as soon as possible , share this opportunity with your friends and networks!

Search Resources

  1. https://greenhearttravel.org/programs/adult/work/apply?pid=81286
  2. https://www.gooverseas.com/job/provider/406289

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