Paid internships for high school students near me

Paid internships for high school students near me: If you are searching for internship opportunities as a high school student seeking to save up funds for your higher studies, you may wish to narrow your search to the paid internship opportunities. There are unpaid positions that still offer you enormous benefits and experiences, but if your target is the stipend, worry not, as I have gathered the list of the best paid internships for high school students and how you can apply for them.

Why you should consider a paid internship in high school

  1. With paid internships, you are able to save up for college tuition, and the stipend might be enough to cover other study expenses when you enter college.
  2. By considering an internship before starting your college, you will be able to gain relevant professional experience in your discipline.
  3. You will be able to acquire new skills.
  4. You will expand your academic network.
  5. Paid internships provide you with financial support so that you can pursue your passion project with ease.

Check the following opportunities for international students:

The best paid internships for high school students


1: Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program

The Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program is an 8-week paid internship program for students in high school. This is a form of mentoring program and is open to both high school juniors and high school seniors who wish to go into the area of natural resource and environmental management. To be funded by the American Fisheries Society (AFS), this paid internship for high school students will educate students on

fisheries professions, and they will get to meet mentors who will coach them even after the program.

To apply, you should visit the Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program website 

2: The Expanding Horizons Internships for high school students

The Expanding Horizons Internship is a 4-month internship program to spring from April 4–August 4.

The internship is available for college-bound high school students who attend any of the Title 1 schools in the Los Angeles area. The internship teaches skill development and educates students on aspects of personal growth, all geared towards preparing them for college and a very prosperous career or civic life. The Expanding Horizons Internship starts with the interactive seminars, which are held in the spring, and is rounded up with the paid summer internship, which will be held at a prestigious law firm.

3: Indiana University Cancer Center Summer Research Program

The Indiana University Cancer Center Summer Research Program is an 8-week paid internship for high school students. The internship requires that students dedicate up to 40 hours a week, and in return, they are paid a stipend to cover their hard work. The Indiana University Cancer Center Summer Research Program exposes high school students to biomedicine and behavioral science, and students who are from underrepresented populations are highly encouraged to apply.

How do I apply for this paid internship?

To apply, you should visit the Indiana University Cancer Center Summer Research Program Portal.


4: Plant Genome Research REU at Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI), USDA, and Cornell University

The Plant Genome Research REU internships are 7-week-long programs to spring from June 27 to August 11. This internship will take place at the Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI), USDA, and Cornell University. It offers experience in research, and high school students can decide if they love a scientific career after this program. Students are educated on how to maintain food security and the need for maintaining environmental sustainability in agriculture, to mention but a few. This is one of the best-paid internships for high school students, and they offer a competitive stipend to be paid biweekly for the entire duration of the program.

Apply by visiting their portal.


5: Met High School Internship Program

The Met High School Internship Program is a paid internship available for high school students who are approaching high school graduation (two to three years, that is, basically people in grades 10 and 11) or who must either reside in or be attending a high school or home school based in any of these cities: New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. With this internship, you get to learn art, visit museums, and connect with creative professionals to build a strong network and gain relevant work experience.

To apply for the Met High School Internship Program, visit their portal.

6: Washington Performing Arts internships for high school students

The Washington Performing Arts paid internships for high school students are open to students with an interest in or background in the performing arts. The program helps interns build professional skills, and they get to learn more about arts management. Interns are paid a small stipend, and they will have to work for up to 15 hours over a span of 12 weeks.

7: Geosciences Bridge Program

The GeoSciences Bridge Program is a 6-week summer-paid internship for high school students sponsored by the National Science Foundation. This is one of the best-paid internships that is open to graduating high school seniors. Here, you engage in activities relating to the following aspects:

  1. marine geology,
  2. physical oceanography,
  3. atmospheric science,
  4. marine biology,
  5. marine chemistry,
  6. biogeochemistry, and
  7. remote sensingor

Student accommodations are available at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore campus, and they learn from recent graduates of the school.

To apply, visit their official website official website 

8 Smithsonian High School Internships

The Smithsonian high school internship is a paid internship that offers students the opportunity to visit museums, research centers, and other interesting activities. Participants are fit to key into the roles in art history, business, or administration; others can also consider museum conservation; and in the long run, you are compensated with a competitive stipend.

Apply for the Smithsonian High School Internships by visiting their portal.

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Are UN interns paid?

United Nations (UN) internships are not paid positions. However, UN internships offer enormous benefits, which are even more than stipends:

  1. The costs related to your travel are covered;
  2. You enjoy their insurance.
  3. accommodationis provided,

The living expenses for the entire duration of the internship are covered by either the interns or by the institutions sponsoring their offer.

What is the youngest age to get an internship?

Most employers expect that students (minors) should be at least 14 years of age to be considered for an internship position, whether paid or unpaid.


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