Unmarried partner visa UK long-distance relationship visa

Unmarried partner visa UK long-distance relationship: A UK unmarried partner visa will grant you access to bring your long-distance partner to stay with you in the United Kingdom if you are an Irish or British citizen or if you are working in the UK. Also known as “UK de facto visa,” the requirements for an unmarried partner’s UK long-distance relationship are the same for couples in either heterosexual or homosexual relationships, as long as they are able to show evidence that there has been a serious and committed relationship for up to 2 years or more.

What is the long-distance relationship visa ?

The long-distance relationship visa for UK unmarried partners is a type of visa option available for people who are in genuine and committed relationships. with one partner as a registered British citizen, or he or she is a settled person in the United Kingdom. This long-distance relationship visa grants unmarried partners access to join their loved ones who are in the United Kingdom for a certain period of time.

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What is the meaning of an unmarried partner on a UK visa?

Unmarried partners are two (2) persons staying together in a relationship prior to a formal wedding or marriage for not less than two years. The unmarried partner description does not include casual acquaintances or uncommitted relationships with no intention of having long relationships or marriage.


Can I bring my long-distance partner to the UK?

Yes! With the right things done, you can bring your long-distance partner to the UK. The authorities understand that keeping a long-distance relationship is a very difficult task, and not everyone can withstand being away from their loved one. To reunite with your long-distance partner, the United Kingdom has made available the visa option for unmarried partners. Please bear in mind that the visa category is designed specifically for long-term partners of settled persons in the UK or British citizens who desire to now stay with their partner in the UK. When your application is approved, your partner is now granted an unmarried partner visa to live in the UK.

What evidence is needed for an unmarried partner in the UK?

To even get started, an unmarried partner visa applicant should not be less than 18 years old, and he or she must have been living with their UK-based partner for no less than 2 years. They should also meet the set minimum income level with a proof of accommodation in the UK, and lastly, they should meet the requirements for oral and written English. Here is a breakdown of the evidence and requirements to prove that you are eligible for the Unmarried Partner Visa for UK long-distance relationships:

1: You have to provide evidence showing that your relationship is genuine.

To this effect, you should have met with your partner in person and not on online dates; you must be planning to live together permanently; and you should show that you and your partner can survive in the United Kingdom with no need for public funding support. You should also have adequate provision for accommodation for you and any accompanying dependents. Please note that you or your partner are not permitted to be married to someone else.

2: Evidence Confirming Continuous Cohabitation between Partners

A very important piece of evidence for unmarried partners in the UK is proof that there has been continuous cohabitation between the partners for not less than 2 years. The evidence can come from the following sources:

  • Joint Tenancy Agreement(s)
  • Council Tax
  • Utility Bills
  • letters of correspondence.

3: Evidence of Proficiency in the English Language

You both must show evidence of understanding and speaking the English language to the expected minimum level. You should scale through the English Language Test (with an A1 in CEFR) unless your country is on the list of English-speaking nations or you have rounded up a bachelor’s program, master’s program, or Ph.D. study administered in the English language.


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Unmarried partner visa UK long-distance relationship validity

The unmarried partner visa for UK long-distance relationships is valid for up to 2 years and 9 months. The validity can be extended to 2 years and 6 months. When your partner stays up to 5 continuous years in the UK, he or she is now eligible to apply for an indefinite leave to continue living in the UK.

Financial requirements for an unmarried partner visa in the UK

There are set financial requirements to obtain the unmarried partner visa in the UK, and the law specifies that you or your partner should earn an annual gross income of not less than £18,600.

What is the processing time for an unmarried partner visa in the UK?

Approximately 950 out of 1000 duly submitted visa applications have a processing time of 12 weeks. If it is urgent and you want your visa to be processed before 12 weeks, you can make use of the Settlement Priority Visa Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prove a long-distance relationship?

There are many ways to show that you are in a long-distance relationship with someone. You can do that by showing a joint account or evidence. You should have many shared financial accounts; you may also register your relationship in any of the states or communities that you reside in. Lastly, one efficient way is to keep a record of your communications, starting with text messages, WhatsApp chats, call logs, and FaceTimes.

How long do you have to be in a relationship to apply for a partner visa in the UK?

You must have been living with your UK-based partner for no less than 2 years, and they should also meet the set minimum income level. If you are a fiancée or a proposed civil partner, you both would have to plan to marry or start a civil partnership in the UK within six months of getting there.

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