How to write application letter for bursary at the university (English)

How to write an application letter for bursary at the university (English)

Your chances of securing a bursary at the university depend on the quality of your application letter. Bursary applications should be straight to the point and devoid of grammatical errors; the structure and template of your write-up also determine the fate of your application. I have outlined a step-by-step guide to writing an application letter for a bursary at the university.

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Important tips for writing a compelling application letter for bursary

1: Write in a professional tone and don’t sound stiff.

Your tone of writing should be professional, and don’t show that you are familiar with the reviewer. Imagine communicating with your employer or professor, then writing down how you could have explained to him with formalities.

2: Your reason for needing the bursary or fund should be explicit.

The whole story in the application letter is to explain why you desire a bursary out of the many applications received. When you have a sound reason for wanting it, then your chances are higher.

3: Never make use of filter words.

Filter words include just, very, so, and really. You can use modifiers that go well with what you are conveying.

4: Concise and quality

Your introduction and other bodies of the letter should be straight to the point. Your reviewers will be going through thousands of applications, so yours might be overlooked when you make the layout unappealing.

5: The application letter should be personal.

Don’t just give the reasons that you see other people giving; be unique and feel free to express yourself. Make sure to keep it professional!

How do I write an application letter for a bursary?

Here is the structure of a motivational letter for a bursary

How do you introduce yourself in a bursary?

Like I said, the introduction is the first thing that comes to your reviewer’s attention when he grabs your letter, so make it straight to the point and remove grammatical errors. To introduce yourself to a bursary, you should first indicate your current degree and academic qualifications, clearly state your professional goals. Both short-term and long-term goals are needed here. Narrate a past experience(s) that made you passionate about what you are pursuing right now. What do you have in common with their organization? And why should you be the chosen candidate among the other tons of candidates.

Let me break it down by paragraph.

Paragraph One

Clearly state what you are applying for.

Paragraph two (you can combine this with the first paragraph)

Here, you should clearly explain your goals.

Paragraph three

Let them know about your personality and other things you feel the committee might be interested in.

Paragraph four

Narrate a case about your need for financial support .

Bursary Application Letter Template and Formats


Start by writing the address of the bursary issuer (in the case of a university, your school address takes over the space) in the top left corner of the application letter. Write the date of application and include your name and basic contact information.


Next are greetings; start with “Dear {Name of the reviewer if known}.” “Dear Sir or Madam,” or simply use the phrase “To whom it may concern,”


The first paragraph is for you to clearly let them know your reasons for applying. 2 sentences are enough to describe your reasons: “I am applying for the Commonwealth bursary program to help fund my bachelor’s degree pursuit in {include the year}”

The second paragraph is for you to explain your qualifications, starting with your current degree, achievements, and goals. 2-3 sentences are enough for this paragraph.

In the following paragraph, briefly explain your choice of career and why your degree will be relevant to the path chosen. Here, you should place more emphasis on how the bursary will aid your future success and why you are the best candidate for the bursary.


Express your gratitude and anticipate a response from them.



Then your name.


Sample email bursary application letter format

Subject of mail: Bursary application letter.


Dear Janitor ,

I wish to let you know of my decision to apply for a bursary to help fund my education.

I am in the 200-level Medical Radiography Department in your school, but my financial resources make me unable to leverage educational opportunities.

If I am considered a chance under your bursary program, I will utilize the opportunity with all my strength, even beyond your expectations.

I am praying that my application will gain your preferential attention. Thanks.


Yours Truly,


Jude Kate


Application letter for bursary sample

What do you say to get a bursary?


To get a bursary, you need to be mindful of what you say and pen it down in your application letter. A good bursary application letter should clearly explain your goals for the degree you are studying, what inspires you to apply for the bursary, and why you are in need of their financial assistance.



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