How to get an Argentina visa for green card holders

How to get an Argentina visa for green card holders: The need for a visa to enter Argentina as a Green Card holder from the United States is hugely dependent on the nationality of your passport. As a US green card holder who wishes to get into Argentina, you need to first check if your country is exempt from the Argentina visa requirements. This article serves as a guide to help you in the process of obtaining an Argentina visa for green card holders; read it with apt attention!

Who can enter Argentina without a visa?

There are a group of people who are fit to enter Argentina without a visa; they include

  1. Holders of diplomatic category passports from the nationalities whose ordinary passport holders are exempt from the visa requirements
  2. Holders of service category passports from the nationalities whose ordinary passport holders are exempt from the visa requirements

These groups do not need a visa, except for the following: Canada, Venezuela. Australia, Ireland, and the United States

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How to get an Argentina visa for green card holders:

There are 2 ways to apply for and get the Argentina visa for green card holders: the first is to apply through Atyls, and the second is through the government website. Here is  the process flow:

Application through Atlys

  • Begin the process of applying by going to Atlys to get started.
  • Once you are set, you would be required to upload a photo you already saved in your gallery, or you may have to capture a new one to upload in the portal using your phone or computer.
  • Upon uploading your photo, you would have to completely provide all the necessary personal and travel details. Please do this with care to avoid mistakes.
  • Go through your application details, cross-check everything you have provided, and head on to pay the required visa fees.

How to apply for an Argentina visa for green card holders through the government website

Indian citizens are free to apply for an Argentina Electronic Travel Authorization (AVE) for Green Card holders. The process is simple and can be done only at the Argentina Immigration Portal:

  • They’ll have to visit the official government website: and go straight to the visa application category.
  • Search for the AVE Section on the government website: Read through to see the categories that are under the Electronic Travel Authorization (AVE) section, and once you find them, choose “Apply for an AVE.”.
  • Gather all the necessary application documents: Prior to beginning the application process, you are to make sure to have prepared all the necessary required documents, ensure that your passports are valid, and make sure that all the specified documentation is ready.
  • Pay the application fee by going to the payment website for the Electronic Travel Authorization (AVE). I always advise people to make sure that they cross-check their application before making payments, as the payment is not refundable. Also, as an applicant, you should bear in mind that just a payment receipt does not give you a go-ahead to enter Argentina; your application would still be reviewed.
  • Finish the Electronic Travel Authorization (AVE) application. You should go to the AVE portal after making your To complete the AVE application, you will be using your passport number and the Payment Transaction ID as your log-in details.
  • Approval or Rejection: If your application is ready and submitted, you will have to wait for an email to notify you of the status of your application. It might be an approval email or a rejection email.
  • If approved, go ahead and print the approval receipt: This email will be needed when you want to document your entry into Argentina.

Can green card holders get an Argentina visa on arrival?

As a green card holder, you cannot get an Argentina Visa on Arrival (VOA). You must apply and be approved to get an AVE (Argentina Electronic Travel Authorization) before you start planning your journey. You can apply for AVE by using the methods described above.

Argentina visa information for green card holders

  1. After applications, you may be searching for How to Check Your Argentina AVE Application Status.
  2. You can do this by first visiting the official website of the National Directorate of Migrations in
  3. Click on the dashboard to access your application. Search out the category that says anything relating to AVE, or broadly go to the section on visa applications.
  4. If you click on Check  Status,” you may see a similar prompt.
  5. Carefully input the application-specific information as required in the field; it might include your application ID, your passport number, or any other details used at the application stage.
  6. If login is required, use the email address and password of the application
  7. View the status of your application. There, you would clearly see if your application was rejected or approved.

Argentina visa for green card holders processing time

The Argentina visa processing time for green card holders when you apply through the government website may reach 20 business days. But applications using Atlys are a bit shorter; you can get notifications on the status of your application within 12 days. In special cases or if the reviewers find it hard to verify your application details, the processing time may take longer.

Can a Green Card holder travel to Argentina?

As a US green card holder who wishes to get into Argentina, you need to first check if your country is exempt from the Argentina visa requirements. In most cases, AVE must be approved to be free to enter Argentina; this is entirely online.

AVE Visa Cost

The visa cost for obtaining AVE is up to $ 200. The processing time is still same as explained above.

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