Best Ballet scholarship programs

Best Ballet scholarship programs: Ballet scholarships are available to talented students, and there are many ballet scholarships to apply for. Are you searching for a ballet scholarship to apply for? Worry no more, as this content will provide you with a quick guide to choosing the best ballet scholarship programs to apply for.

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Can you get a scholarship for ballet?

The answer is yes! There are many scholarships for ballet and you can get them only when you apply. Read on for my top recommendations of best scholarship for ballet

What are the best ballet scholarship programs in 2024?

1: Australian Ballet School Scholarships

On an annual basis, the Australian Ballet School provides a series of awards and scholarship opportunities to talented young dancers; their scholarships are mostly awarded based on merit and on the applicant’s achievements.

In 2-year intervals, the Australian Ballet School organizes an event to commemorate their scholarship awards. During the events, dancers are given the avenue to win one of their numerous scholarship awards to take part in a series of training opportunities with the school.

2: “Brown Girls Do” Ballet Scholarship


The “Brown Girls Do” Ballet Scholarship program started in the year 2013. The program was created to offer extra financial support to young dancers who are willing to go on with their training. The scholarships also invite people who are searching for ways to further develop their skills and personalities in both an educational and artistic manner.

The Brown Girls Do Ballet Summer Intensive Scholarship is an annual award presented to female dancers who are aged from 9 to 18. These dancers must have registered under a summer intensive program.

The scholarship gives preference to applicants who are able to show that they are in need of financial support; notwithstanding, the scholarship is open to everyone who is qualified to apply. The scholarship will cover additional costs along with your dance needs (as well as travel expenses). Please bear in mind that this scholarship is only available to U.S. residents.

Check out the following dance opportunities:

3: Asia Ballet Academy Tuition Scholarship


The Asia Ballet Academy Tuition Scholarship program is an amazing funding opportunity for ballet. The scholarship is awarded to recognize, provide financial support, and encourage gifted individuals who would love to pursue an education at the Asia Ballet Academy. The scholarship host is dedicated to giving back to society by providing education scholarships. The Asia Ballet Academy makes available these scholarship opportunities on an annual basis during their academy events. They also offer scholarships that are associated with their partners in different regions, international activities, and competitions.



On an annual basis, dozens of teenagers who are from different countries around the globe leave their country home to attend the School of American Ballet, based in New York City, for top-level programs. Persons in the younger divisions engage in commuting, and they take part in the afternoon classes. The SAB Scholarship Fund is open to you if you are a talent or potential individual.


5: Merit and Boys Scholarships for the Washington School of Ballet

The Merit and Boys Scholarships, organized by the Washington School of Ballet, are a special scholarship opportunity open to students who demonstrate that they have exceptional talents and drive to undertake funded professional-level ballet training. I would like to let you know early enough before applying for this scholarship. The scholarships are very competitive, and to be considered for scholarships, a student is expected to maintain an attendance rate not less than 80%, a student must be willing to actively engage in program-related events, and a student must uphold the behavior standards of TWSB.

Scholarships are open to you if you are a talented enrolled student and if you are a potential student who was seen during the course of the Summer Intensive audition tours.

6: Dance DC Merit Scholarships

The Washington Ballet is in charge of selecting gifted students from the different participating schools in the DanceDC competitions, and their scholarships are offered on a merit basis. As a recipient of the DanceDC Merit Scholarship, you get the chance to study classical ballet without paying any fees, or your tuition fee is reduced for an academic year.


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