How to Get Aviation Lecturer Jobs

How to Get Aviation Lecturer Jobs: To get an aviation lecturing job abroad, there are certain eligibility levels you should meet, and these requirements have been well outlined and explained in this article to make your job search a simple one!

An aviation lecturer is also described in some context as a flight instructor, and they are saddled with the responsibilities of training and lecturing individuals to become fully licensed pilots. These teachers abide by a curriculum that’s been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, and they refer to the guidelines to ensure that every instruction is addressed in the training.

What is the job of an aviation lecturer or instructor?

As a lecturer in Aviation Sciences, you will be assigned to teach aviation maintenance courses that have to do with the requirements for obtaining an Aviation Maintenance Technician A.A.S. degree.

Your duty involves teaching a variety of undergraduate courses alongside different work at the laboratories, lecturing on the area of aviation maintenance technician. Usually, your normal teaching load for an aviation course covers up to 15 credit hours per semester (that is, up to 30 credit hours for an entire academic year). You can be a morning lecturer, an evening lecturer, or an online lecturer in aviation. There are also offers for summer lecturing jobs, which usually come with added compensation. In the list of your duties are the following  non-exclusive list of tasks:

  • Performing the work of student advising.
  • Development of curriculum and the review of new projects
  • Engagement in committee participation.
  • You will also be in service within and outside of the department, college, and higher institution that you work for.

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How to Get Aviation Lecturer Jobs

Meet the Education and Experience Requirements for a Lecture Job in Aviation:

  • To get aviation lecturer jobs, it is required that you obtain a bachelor’s degree from an institution of higher education in a related discipline.
  • You are expected to obtain the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aircraft Maintenance Technician certificate, and your rating should be on the Powerplant scale.
  • Usually, most aviation lecturer jobs require that you have not less than 3 years of solid working experience in the aviation industry, or you should have served in aviation academia.

Gain higher-qualifying degrees for better chances and higher pay.

  1. Getting a master’s degree in aviation sciences from a regionally accredited institution of higher education would make you exceptional when you are graded with your bachelor’s counterparts.
  2. Teach courses related to aviation at a comparable level, within an organization, or in governmental educational settings for better experience.
  3. Gain experience working as an aircraft mechanic.
  4. Knowledge of the basics of electricity should add to your qualifications.

Application process and documents required for aviation lecturer jobs

The following lists of documents should be prepared while you apply for a job in aviation.

  • Your resume/CV.
  • A well-crafted cover letter
  • Statement of Teaching Philosophy
  • Provide an unofficial transcript of your highest qualifications.
  • A rechargeable contact detail for three professional references that can attest to your candidacy.

To apply for aviation teaching jobs, you just have to present yourself in a professional way. Like I said earlier, having extra qualifications makes you the best among the rest, so you may want to start with your Masters and PhD studies before applying!

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What are the types of aviation teaching jobs?

Aviation lecturers can teach in the following settings: international schools, colleges, and they can work as maintenance technology instructors; these are the major types of aviation teaching jobs.

What are some related alternative careers?

There are career paths very close to aviation lecturing jobs, which I will discuss in my two best picks:

Flight engineers

Flight engineers are expected to have obtained at least a bachelor’s degree and a valid pilot license. These engineers run maintenance checks before the start of any flight, and they also organize flight plans, monitoring the fuel levels before takeoff.

Technical education teachers

These workers teach and monitor students or monitor how best to navigate the plane.

Which aviation course has the highest salary?

Aviation jobs are some of the highest-paying positions, and on the list of the best-paid workers in aviation are flight instructors, terminal managers, aerospace technicians, aircraft mechanics, pilots, test engineers, airport executives, and aeronautical engineers.

What is the role of an aviation trainer?

Aviation trainers are saddled with the role of teaching, assessing, and grading the trainees who are interested in pursuing careers in the aviation industry. Flight instructors and training support administrators are all grouped as aviation trainers. Trainers in the technical team provide instructions on flight operations & aircraft systems.

What do you do as a flight instructor?

Flight instructors carry out the training and education of students to ride the aircraft safely. They lecture students on the safety rules in flight operations and the basic principles that they should abide by in flight and aircraft operations. They teach students on;

  1. The best and worst flight conditions,
  2. The instruments in the cockpit,
  3. How toland,
  4. How to take off and
  5. how they can check all the systems on the plane.

How can I work in aviation?

To get aviation work, it is required that you obtain a bachelor’s degree from an institution of higher education in a related discipline, gain relevant experience in aviation, and then apply for work!


Now that you know the best track to becoming an aviation lecturer, start building your professional reputation and be surprised to see recruiters looking out for you!

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