What are low time pilot jobs near me?

What are low time pilot jobs near me? Low-time jobs are available in virtually most of the states; you may have come across them, but you didn’t know what they really are. I will let you know all you need to know about low time pilot jobs and how to find one close to your current location.

What is considered a low time pilot?

A low-time pilot job is the work of transporting goods or freight for pilots that requires a moderate number of flight hours, usually not exceeding 500 hours. The essence of the job is to help them build their hours while making money.

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Best low time pilot jobs

On the list of best low time pilot jobs are traffic watch pilots, certified flight instructors, aerial surveying pilots, pipeline and powerline patrol pilots, Part 91 and Part 135 pilots, skydiving jump pilots, aerial photography pilots, aircraft ferry pilots, and banner towing pilots.

1 Privately Owned Aircraft: Part 91 Jobs

Are you in possession of a commercial pilot certificate and instrument rating? Then you have a diverse range of job opportunities to explore as a low-time pilot.

If your job requires that you fly from the right seat, then you should try as much as possible to read about the regulations on log flight time that occur in “single pilot certified” airplanes.

2 Air Tour Jobs

Air tour jobs offer you the pleasure of enjoying serenity and flexibility. To get a job as a tour pilot, you have to search for companies that are based somewhere around the beach or that are located in scenic areas; one such establishment is Grand Canyon.

3 Certified Flight Instructor Jobs (CFI)

There are many flight schools around the country recruiting CFI’s. Usually, usually these flight schools are always in search of flight instructors, and due to the fact that there is massive competition in the field, the pay rates for certified flight instructor positions have increased substantially.

4 Banner towing jobs

Banner towing pilot jobs expect that you can spend approximately 8 hours of your day flying low and slow around the same or similar routes many times. If you aspire to build 1,000 hours of flight rank in a year, you can try this out, as this job can actually fulfill your dreams.

5 Aircraft Ferry Pilots

As a low-time pilot, you can be hired to deliver aircraft all over the globe, and that means you can go international with this position. Usually, to thrive more in this position, you should demonstrate that you have the “unique” experiences needed to make your candidacy outstanding. There are many companies that employ aircraft ferry pilots; on the top list is Full Throttle Aviation, which is a privately owned and operated ferry business. They recruit pilots with a high level of qualifications and flight experience.

6  Charter Pilots at a Part 135 Air Carrier

This job has many areas and opportunities for pilots who aspire to skill up and develop their flight experience working at a Part 135 Air Carrier. The good thing about most of these companies offering charter pilot jobs is that they have travel benefits, pilots get to enjoy some of the jump-seat privileges, and they can comfortably relax in the cockpits of larger airlines. Usually, pilots that would fly from the right seat are expected to be well informed about the regulations on logging flight time when it comes to using single-pilot certified airplanes.

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What is a low pilot salary?

As a full-time pilot with three years of experience or a lesser level of experience, you can earn an average paycheck of up to ₹31.8 lakhs annually. There is still room for improvement, and some companies pay more. As a mid-career pilot who knows what he or she is doing and has up to 4–9 years of solid experience working in the industry, you can earn an average paycheck of up to ₹43.5 lakhs on an annual basis. Last but not least, if you are an experienced pilot who has up to 10–20 years of experience in the field, you can earn an average salary of up to ₹59.7 lakhs on an annual basis.

Is there a part-time pilot?

Yes, there are many part-time positions for pilots. These positions are usually open to experienced pilots to perform various roles. Among the part-time jobs are positions for a fractional-flight airline, where the main target is to manage a fleet of civilian aircraft. As a part-time pilot hired for this position, you are basically required to offer aerial transportation services to patronizers who are each proud owners of shares of a plane line.

Do pilots get time at home?

Although some pilot jobs require that you spend more time at work, one of them is the long-haul pilot job, where you spend more time away from home. The system usually grants such pilots 10 to 15 days off every month so they can go home to see their families.

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