Multiple Job Vacancies for Electronic Equipment Assemblers in Japan 2024

Multiple Job Vacancies for Electronic Equipment Assemblers in Japan 2024

Sanko Employment Solutions Inc. invites interested and eligible candidates from all countries in the world to apply for this amazing job opportunity. They are looking to hire male and female electronic equipment assemblers for this vacancy.

There are 3 vacancies for Electronic Equipment Assemblers, and if you are selected, you will be saddled with the responsibilities of reading and interpreting assembly instructions. You will also do the work of assembling electronic components and quality checking to make sure the company’s products stand the test of time. The Electronic Equipment Assemblers job is among the highest paid job positions around the world. The Salary Expert website reported that an Electronic Equipment Assembler’s gross salary who is working in Japanese industries earns up to ¥2,817,722 on an annual basis. You can do the conversion with the dollar exchange rate or your country’s rate.

Imagine yourself employed for this role; it is possible! This role just needs people who can pay attention to detail and who are proficient with hand and electronic tools, and the recruiters want to hire someone who is committed to maintaining a work environment that is neat and clean.

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Who can apply for job openings for electronic equipment assemblers?

  • Age groups eligible to apply: 20 to 35 years old
  • Status: Both single and married can apply.
  • Education requirements: at least a high school degree
  • Experience level: at least one year
  • Health status: No major surgery was done five (5) years ago, in March 2024.
  • Appearance: Strictly no tattoo as a first-timer who wants to work in Japan.
  • Language requirements: you must be willing to study the Japanese language free of charge for 4–6 months.

Meet the principal employer for this job.

It is good that you know your employer, as it shows that the job you are applying for is legit. The principal employer for the Electronic Equipment Assembler job vacancy in Japan to work abroad is Kyodo Kumiai International Material Encourage, and the company has made available 3 vacancies.

Required application  documents for Job Vacancies for Electronic Equipment Assemblers in Japan 2024

  1.  Your up-to-date resume
  2. A photocopy of your passport
  3. Your PSA Birth Certificate
  4. An NBI Clearance Copy
  5. One piece of a 2×2 photograph taken with a white background
  6. A PEOS certificate may also be required.
  7. An e-registration certificate is required too.

Job Description

  1. You must be able to read and offer the necessary interpretation to assembly instructions,interpret blueprint specifications, and prepare lists of the required parts and tools that are useful for assembly.
  2. You should be able to assemble components and parts based on the given guidelines and using hand tools or electronic tools.
  3. Test, inspect, and make adjustments to units upon completion to meet the desirable specifications and the customer’s desires.
  4. Identify and provide resolutions to assembly issues to make sure that the product quality is maintained.
  5. Making sure that a clean and safe work environment is maintained at all times
  6. Collaboration with other team members is all geared towards the overall group of missions to make the products efficient and effective.
  7. Take note of every assembly action in the production and quality forms.
  8. Take part actively in continuous improvement activities and attend organized training programs to upskill and adapt to growing industrial trends.

Application deadline for these Multiple Job Vacancies for Electronic Equipment Assemblers in Japan 2024

The job is still active for you to apply for; there is no specified deadline for this position. Please keep in mind that the earlier you apply, the better chances you may have of being selected. Inform your friends to apply.


Step-by-step application process flow for job vacancies for electronic equipment assemblers

1: Job Enquiry

The recruitment agency’s provided phone numbers; you can reach out to them at +632 805 9855 or +632 805 9904. Please be cautious, and don’t pay anyone to help you get this job. The essence of the phone number is for you to inquire about other things you should know about the job role and also feel free to express your interest in applying.

2: Summit your application.

Using the apply now button below, submit your application. You can also send it via mail at We recommend that you use the web’s application method. Once you apply, wait for feedback and instructions on what you should do next.

You can also pay a visit to the agency’s office. If you can, the office is located at Unit A, F & C Bldg., 2275 Interior P. Burgos St., Brgy. 58 Zone 7, Pasay City, Philippines. Just let them know about your doubts so they can clear it all up.

3: Follow up on your application

Frequently check your emails to see if they have sent any messages, and you can reach out to them through the above application email or phone numbers. You should be ready to attend any interviews or assessments at any time. They may invite you soon, so just be optimistic!


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