Apply for an Urgent Domestic Worker Job in Saudi Arabia

Apply for an Urgent Domestic Worker Job in Saudi Arabia: Applications are currently being received from suitably qualified candidates for the Domestic Worker Job in Saudi Arabia. You are welcome to apply after reading the qualifications and requirements to secure this position. Good luck as you take the step to make your application.

Who is recruiting? Meet the Principal Employer

Five Star Recruitment Office are the principle employees of this particular position, and they are trusted agents for finding domestic worker jobs around the world.
Five-star recruitment is known for excellence in this field, and they have good reputations in the industry. Their services are meant to ensure that both the employer and employee are satisfied.

Qualifications Needed to Work as a Domestic Worker

To get a domestic worker job in Saudi Arabia, as required by the BISON Management Corporation, you must meet these requirements:

  1. The educational requirements are that you must be a high school graduate.
    Gender inclusivity is required, and for that reason, it is only open to female applicants.
  2. The level of work experience required is two years.
  3. Age requirements specify that applicants must be aged between the age bracket of 24 and 35 years old.

Duties and responsibilities under the Domestic Worker Job in Saudi Arabia:

  1. You have to clean and maintain the household, and your task covers mopping, dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping.
  2. You carry out laundry duties, which include the washing and drying of clothes as well as folding clothes and linens.
  3. Preparation and cooking of meals for the family, with preparation done in accordance with the specified need for dietary requirements.
  4. Making sure that the house is organized and tidy and that everything is kept in its proper place
  5. Rendering assistance with the care of children, playing with them, looking after them, and assisting with homework.
  6. Running errands from time to time, like going shopping at the grocery store,  dry cleaning pickup, and all other minute tasks.
  7. Good communication with the family, and you have to abide by their instructions.
  8. Try as much as possible to keep a positive and professional attitude every time.
  9. Make sure that the household is safe and secure; report potential issues before they occur.

Are you eligible for the domestic worker job in Saudi Arabia? We encourage you to submit your application now!

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How to Apply for a Domestic Worker Job in Saudi Arabia

Check and accept the terms in the job description.

You should read and acknowledge the job responsibilities and know if it is something you can do. After that, check the qualifications required to know if you fit in.

Gather application documents.

To start the process of applying, you should prepare all the necessary application documents, making sure that your resume or CV is included and that your educational certificates, as well as other relevant documents, are included.

Fast Track to the Application Page

Visit the application website at

Click to Register or Log In if you have registered before.

First-time visitors are required to register to make their application, but if you are not a first-time visitor, kindly login and start your application.

Application Proper

As soon as you are logged in, the system automatically leads you to the application form. Carefully fill out the form with your personal information, your contact details, and the level of work experience you have.

Make sure that all relevant details mentioned in this job description are provided.

Upload the required application documents.

Carefully upload your resume or CV and any other necessary application documents. Make sure every document gets to the right slot.

Cross-check for errors.

Review your application for errors and mistakes.


Click Submit and wait for a confirmation message.

Submit your application and wait to receive a reference number or confirmation email, which you will use to get updates on your application status.

Wait for feedback.

Upon the successful completion of your application, you should wait patiently for the company’s feedback. Mind you, it may take time, so you may have to wait more patiently.

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Prepare and attend the interview if you are chosen.

If you are called for an interview, then cheers! You are lucky to have made it to the next round of applications; get yourself braced up and attend the interview.

Application deadline for a domestic worker job in Saudi Arabia

You only have until the 1st of March, 2025, to round up your application process for a domestic worker job in Saudi Arabia.
You are advised to apply as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Salary of Domestic Workers in Saudi?

According to the data provided by the Salary Expert website, domestic workers in Saudi Arabia earn an average paycheck of 50522 SAR. You can do the conversion in your local currency.

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