Tide Scholarship 2024 Requirements, Dates and Deadline

Fully-Funded Tide Scholarship 2024 Requirements, Dates and Deadline: The Tide scholarship opportunities are open to interested persons who are in need of financial assistance and support to fund their higher education in different academic areas. Applications are now invited to submit interest forms for the Tide Scholarship 2024, which was made known to the public by the creators of Tide and Downy. Contained in this content are the financial benefits, requirements, dates, and deadlines of the application, so please read carefully! You should try as much as possible to apply as early as possible before the deadline disclosed in this article.

Is the Tide Scholarship legit?

Before submitting your application, it is not unusual to ask whether TIDE scholarships are legit or not. I have the good news: this scholarship is a great opportunity for you to pursue your dreams of getting a higher education with no stress or financial burden. And let me even burst your bubbles. You won’t just be getting financial support for your studies; you’ll also stand a chance of enjoying free mentorship and getting to meet different career opportunities. Sounds interesting, right? Now let’s find out the requirements to know if you are eligible to apply.

Tide Scholarship 2024 Requirements

1: GPA Requirements

You are expected to have an excellent academic record with not less than a 3.0 GPA (3.0 GPA or above will be given preference under this scholarship). Students with a GPA of 2.5 or above are still eligible to apply, but they have to make sure that their GPA is improved or maintained.

2: Higher Education Application Requirements

Applicants are required to apply for their higher education studies, or they should have a plan for applying to the eligible courses at a college that is authorized.

Please note that this scholarship is only available to persons who can thoroughly explain the reasons why they need to win the scholarship and their aims.

3: Participation Requirements

This scholarship is open to you if you can actively participate and engage in extracurricular activities as well as community services.

4: Nationality and Age Requirements

The applicant must have US nationality, or he or she is applying from the District of Columbia. As for the age requirements, you must be 16 years of age or older to apply to college.

5: Other Requirements

A student is expected to be enrolled in or formally accepted into an academic field at a university, college, or community college that is located in the United States to be able to apply.

If you didn’t meet the above criteria, there is no need to panic. Check out the following list of available scholarship opportunities:

Types of scholarships awarded by Tide and Downy

Tide Scholarship 2024:

Undergraduate Scholarships

Tide awards an undergraduate scholarship to eligible students who are starting their first degree at a community college, university, or college. The undergraduate scholarships are awarded to cover the cost of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in the selected academic area, and they will cover the tuition costs, fees, book costs, as well as your living expenses.

The Graduate Scholarships:

Graduate scholarships are for students who are getting into advanced degree programs at either the master’s or doctoral level. Graduate scholarships are usually awarded to recognize sound academic achievements, research potential, or other interesting qualities that make you outstanding. This scholarship type is for higher education and research purposes.

Scholarship Benefits

  1. Students will get a $10,000 scholarship. The award will be presented to successful applicants in the form of a check, and the check will go to the winner and his or her school.
  2. You will learn how to persevere and how to strive to become a better person
  3. Selected students will enjoy free mentorship and counseling.

How to apply

Are you interested and eligible for the Tide Scholarship 2024? Here are the steps to follow to submit your interest form.

  • Go to the Tide and Downy Scholarship official websites to make your application. The link is available below!
  • Once the webpage is loaded, go to the apply now button and check on it.
  • Once you click on it, the application automatically opens up for you.
  • Carefully put in your personal details as required and include all the necessary required documents.
  • Ensure that there is a good network connection, and check if what you uploaded is intact.
  • Cross-check your details and press submit.
  • Your application will be recorded and reviewed if you meet the requirements. Good luck!

Tide Scholarship 2024 Dates

Application Start Date

The application for the Tide and Downy scholarship usually starts on February, and the window is open for applications until the deadline.

Tide Scholarship 2024 Deadline

There is no set deadline for application, you just need to apply as soon as the application ground is open!


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