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George Mason Dance Audition: George Mason University’s School of Dance is a very interesting department that offers students fun and excitement while they engage in extensive semester study filled with dance activities, artistic crafts, research studies, and curiosity. Did you recently enroll in the dance department at George Mason University? If you got a call-up letter inviting you for an audition and you are searching for how to get started, here is the best place to learn about the George Mason dance audition and other interesting things to know about the dance school at George Mason University.

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How to Apply for the George Mason Dance Program

Application into the George Mason Dance Program is of two types: the first is the pre-audition stage, and the second is the main audition. I have broken down the steps below.

Stage One: Pre-audition and Application Stage

  1. Here, you have to apply directly to the George Mason This application is the first thing to do before preparing for an audition.
  2. The early action and receipt of the first application follow suit, and the George Mason scholarship application deadline comes up afterwards on the first day of November.
  3. After submitting your application in November, the decision and other application deadlines are on the first day of February, and that of the transfer application occurs on March 1.
  4. It will take between 48 and 72 hours for the university to generate a unique identification number for you. This number is known as the G number, and this is the number you will need for the next stage of the audition. Now let’s get to the audition stage!

Stage Two:  George Mason Dance Audition

  1. To make your application for admission into the George Mason School of Dance, it must be done through the Slideroom platform, and once your application is processed, you will be called up to attend the George Mason dance audition. The schedule of programs for Fall 2023/Spring 2024 audition dates is as follows: November 4th, January 13th (New York City), and February.
  2. You can also apply for Mason School of Dance auditions through the platform known as “Dance Wave Through College & Beyond(DTCB)”.

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George Mason dance audition requirements

To get into a dance program in George Mason, you should know there are multistep process flows and guidelines you should meet. Among the requirements for auditions at George Mason’s dance school are:

  1. Students who want to get into the Dance BFA program should submit their application to both the university and the School of Dance to be eligible for possible consideration.
  2. You must meet the entry requirements for admission to George Mason University; the school website outlines more details, and all you need to do is abide by the easygoing prompts.

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How much is the George Mason application fee?

George Mason University will charge between $70 and $80 for your application fee. Applicants who are U.S. citizens and permanent residents are expected to remit the $70 application fee when applying to undergraduate programs, while applicants from other countries of the world, including those who do not have immigrant status, are expected to remit $80 when applying for undergraduate studies.

George Mason dance audition 2024 Acceptance rate: George Mason dance acceptance rate

To get into the Mason’s Dance School, one thing you should know is that the department is highly selective. The school welcomes students from across the country and beyond. Join the group of professional dance students who are learning global standards while working so hard to meet their personal goals. A dance major at Mason’s University will get you motivated and make you a brighter student who is eager to learn all the time. Pay a visit to their studios if you want to ignite your energy and passion for dancing. For the past academic year, the George Mason University acceptance rate has been quite comfortable, at up to 91% for international students.

George Mason Dance Minor

You can study a dance minor at George Mason University, and students in this program are taught to have a basic level of training in modern dance as well as ballet. They will be required to complete up to 9 credits of modern and ballet dance steps.

Is George Mason still accepting applications?

The answer is yes. George Mason School is still open to accepting applications for general transfer admission. One thing you need to know is that the university extends a warm hand, and the application deadlines are operated on the basis of rolling and space availability . Bear in mind that any form of late application will not be considered for GAA, and students who apply for transfer after the application deadlines earlier mentioned will only be deemed eligible with respect to the space-availability principles.

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