Scholarship in Dance

Scholarship in Dance: There are  countless scholarship opportunities in dance that individuals who are interested in the arts can utilize for career enhancement.  These are special opportunities to receive funding while enjoying the thing you love to do best. In this article, I compiled some of the popular scholarships to apply for in dance and how you can secure these scholarships. Calm down and read through!

Best scholarships in dance

1 George Mason University Dance Talent Scholarship

The George Mason University Dance Talent Scholarship program invites incoming freshmen who have shown outstanding talent for their dance audition. For the scholarship to be renewed annually, recipients are expected to maintain an excellent academic grade of up to 3.0 GPA; he or she must also take part fully in all departmental performances and activities; and lastly, the candidate must meet the renewal criteria.

This scholarship is worth up to $3,000–$5,000 every year, and you can apply as long as you meet the eligibility levels.

Visit Mason’s audition article to learn more about George Mason Dance Auditions!

2 Alma College Dance Scholarship

Students are expected to first apply to the college and pass through the audition protocols of the Theater and Dance Department. That is to say, before you can win the Alma College Dance Scholarship, you should be admitted to the college, as this is what gives you the eligibility to apply for this scholarship opportunity to be hosted at the Alma College.

Alma College awards up to $1,500 annually under this scholarship, and this is a full scholarship scheme. The last date to apply depends on the audition dates.

3 Hofstra University Dance Scholarship

This scholarship host expects that all interested candidates get enrolled in the institution and that they take part in auditions. The scholarship value ranges from $500 to $5,000, and the application timeline is on a rolling basis.

4 St. Olaf College Dance Scholarship

Students should be enrolled and fully accepted into St. Olaf College to be fit for application. They are also expected to participate in auditions at the college prior to submitting a scholarship application. For this scholarship, the financial coverage ranges from $4,000 to $5,000, and the deadline for application depends on the scheduled date for the dance audition.

Checkout First day of school peer interview

5 Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC)

High school seniors who are talented in art, music, dance, debate, and theater are called to apply for the scholarship in dance at Wake Forest University.

Successful applicants get $64,000 in rewards, which is equivalent to $8,000 every academic semester. The scholarship is renewed for eight semesters of your undergraduate study, and there are 20 slots open annually.

The last date to apply is the 1st of December each year.

How to win scholarships for dance students

To win scholarships for dance students, you have to know that the competition is tough, so you should be well prepared to make your candidacy stand out among others. Here is what you should do:

  1. Find out the available scholarship opportunities.
  2. Write and submit an application that stands out! It is true that the competition to win a dance scholarship is tough, but with a well-crafted application, you should stand out.

I advise that you take your time when you are conducting your research about this opportunity, and you should make an outstanding presentation during the audition.

How hard is it to get a dance scholarship?

Just like the normal hustle and struggle that people go through to secure other forms of scholarship, there is a large mass seeking to win dance scholarships, and so that applies to their awards. to win dance scholarships It might be difficult, especially when the host is on the lookout for only the most talented of all dancers without considering the upcoming ones. But on a brighter side, there are countless scholarship opportunities for which you can submit your applications so that you boost your chances of winning.

Scholarship in dance for international students

Here are some notable scholarships in dance for international students to apply to this year. My selection was made based on firsthand analysis, and all international students who are in search of scholarships in dance can apply to as many as they wish.

  • College-specific dance scholarships
  • George Mason University Dance Talent Scholarship
  • Alma College Dance Scholarship
  • Hofstra University Dance Scholarship
  • St. Olaf College Dance Scholarship
  • Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC)
  • American College Dance Association.
  • Body-Mind Centering Organization

Does Harvard offer dance scholarships?

Harvard hosts a variety of scholarship programs that are made to support graduating seniors who will go on with college programs in dance, musical theater, acting, film arts, voice, theater technology,  and writing for theater, film, and TV.

Does UCLA offer dance scholarships?


The department at UCLA is offering different scholarship opportunities in modest amounts to their continuing students. There are also scholarship opportunities that are open to new students, but they have to apply through the UCLA Alumni Association. To learn more, go to UCLA dance scholarship.

Does USC give dance scholarships?

USC Kaufman is offering a number of dance scholarships to students who have shown exceptional talents in dance and the arts. One thing you should know here is that their scholarships are very competitive.

How do I get a dance scholarship UK?

It is possible to win a dance scholarship in the UK as long as you make your application stand out. Here is the process flow to get started:

  1. Apply directly by submitting your interest form to the dance and drama school in the UK that you want to go to.
  2. Once you tell them that you want to submit an application for a DaDA, Please bear in mind that to be eligible to apply for this scholarship, you are expected to be aged between 16 and 23.
  3. You should also be able to show the host that you have the needed talent and the strength to scale through the hurdles in the dance.

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