What are the benefits of an Arkwright scholarship?

What are the benefits of an Arkwright scholarship?- Do you want to secure the Arkwright scholarship with just one application? The truth is, you are now very close to your dreams when you read this piece of mine. As a graduate student, I have been in this space of helping students get the knowledge I couldn’t get in my time. So please read carefully and gently!

The Arkwright Scholarship is open to engineering students, and it is an award for brilliance in performance for engineering students seeking to attend college in the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands. The Arkwright scholarship has a long history dating back to 1991. Also known as the Arkwright’s Smallpeice Trust, the program has so far offered up to 5,000 scholarships and more to students who are exceptional in their area of study. Students are awarded Arkwright scholarships after subjecting themselves to the strict selection process by the organizers, which is done to select just the best applicants from the desired programs to assist them in providing a funded scholarship to fund their studies at the following levels:

  1. A-Level studies,
  2. Scottish higher studies
  3. International Baccalaureate.

The small piece scholarship fund is granted on an annual basis to provide academic prizes to the students and their schools to boost the scholar’s understanding in the chosen area of study in the faculty of engineering. All you need to know about the Arkwright Scholarship is available in this content.

How do you get an Arkwright scholarship?

The process of getting Arkwright scholarship is very straightforward, below is  a detailed guide:

1 Reach out to your teacher.

Get in touch with your school teacher and inform him or her that you desire to apply for the Arkwright Scholarship. For the normal Arkwright application spring, new season submissions are usually between September and January every year.

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2 Confirm if your school is eligible.

To confirm if your school should be in partnership with the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships program, you need to reach out to your school authorities. If your school happens not to be eligible, you can still apply, but this time there is a protocol to abide by. You will have to get the school authority to fill out the scholarship partnership form, as that is the only way the scholarship board can pay you when you succeed in the selection process. All you are expected to do is seek the assistance of your school teacher to help you fill out the school partnership form (note that this is only necessary if your school is not yet partnered). It is good that I also inform you that the process of filling out the partnership form is fast, simple, and straightforward; you aren’t paying any fees for that.

3 Apply for Scholarships

You are advised to apply at your year 11 level in school if you are a student in England and Wales or S4 (Scotland); on the other hand, you must be in year 12 if you are from Northern Ireland. The Arkwright Scholarship fund will be granted to eligible applicants in their Year 12 levels (if from England and Wales), S5 levels (if you are from Scotland), and Year 13 levels (if you are from Northern Ireland) to sponsor their university degree education or for a more intense apprenticeship and career in the field of engineering,  computing studies, and technical design.

4 Pay the application fee.

£40.00 is the required administration fee to be paid, and by April, all candidates are expected to pay. The essence of this fee is to assist in the process of determining the cost of the rigorous application and selection process. Your parents can pay these fees, or your school can do so (it all depends on the decisions made by the applicant and school, which are beyond the control of the organizers of the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships). Talk to your teachers to learn how best to get started.

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What you should know about the Arkwright Scholarship Interview

Interviews for every selected candidate are organized online, and usually they take place between April and May each year.

If your application is successful, you will be asked to join an interview session. Usually, a detailed briefing is provided to all the successful candidates that were successful up to the interview stage. The major part of each interview section is a discussion concerning the main aspect of this scholarship, which is the practical project that the candidate has done.

When will you be invited for an interview?

Once all the performance scores obtained from the online application and aptitude exam are curated and calculated, the overall performance is weighed so that only the top-scoring candidates are invited for the Arkwright interview.

What is the Arkwright scholarship requirement?

The Arkwright Scholarship Program is an amazing program that is open to assist the new generation of brilliant minds. Are you a technical leader and engineer? Then consider this opportunity: the host awards scholarships to assist them financially in funding their higher studies. Here are the requirements you should meet to be free to apply for the Arkwright Scholarship Program in the UK.

1. You are expected to be an enrolled student in a UK school or college and have resided there for nothing less than three (3) years, as this is the mandatory eligibility to meet.

2.You should be heading towards your final year of study; that is to say, you should be in the penultimate year of secondary school education, that is, in Year 12 levels (if from England and Wales), S5 levels (if you are from Scotland), and Year 13 (if you are from Northern Ireland).

  1. Provide proof of high academic performance. You are expected to have an outstanding academic history; preference would be given to students with exceptional grades in all the engineering-related courses offered at the secondary school level ( mathematics, physics, chemistry, design/technology, and computer science).

4. You are expected to show that they have outstanding leadership skills; this should be pronounced by the list of extracurricular activities you engaged in at high school( sports teams, the school clubs you joined, or community organizations).

5. The recommendation letter must be outstanding and obtained from a teacher who knows you well. Apply to win up to £12,000 over two (2) years under the Arkwright funding program.


What is Arkwright BGG?

In Arkwright, every player was expected to operate up to four factories in England back then, in the late 18th century. Arkwright BGG simply means the Arkwright Board Game.

What do you get from an Arkwright scholarship?

There are a lot of benefits to gain from a scholarship at Arkwright, in the list of what to get from this scholarship are;

  1. You will gain mentorship from a professional engineer.
  2. You will gain access to industry events, and you stand a chance of gaining other work experience opportunities.
  3. You will be part of a global network of Arkwright Scholars.
  4. Scholarship financial support of up to £12,000 will be provided for over two (2) years.
  5. You will get a yearly financial prize.


I believe I have done justice to your questions on the Arkwright scholarship. How do you get an Arkwright scholarship? How do you prepare for the Arkwright interview and other important things you should take note of as you submit your application to the Arkwright team? Good luck!
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