Hailey Hilburn loses scholarship: Lessons for Scholarship Aspirants

Hailey Hilburn loses scholarship: Lessons for Scholarship Aspirants: As you plan to hustle abroad, it is essential to consider learning from the mistakes of people who went there before you. That way, your chances of progress are improved. Scholarship opportunities are better ways to start an international hustle journey, and athletes have a couple of these opportunities abroad.

Hailey Hilburn hits umpire

Hailey Hilburn was one good upcoming softball pitcher, and her skills earned her a full scholarship to play for the Utah Utes college team. Hailey Hilburn is a softball pitcher, and in her high school days, she played for the team “California Cruisers Mel Sievers.” In a bid to get into higher positions, she played for the Utah Utes in college. While playing for the team at Utah, she lost her scholarship. The scholarship was revoked after she hit an umpire in the face using a pitch while playing a game back in 2013. The report on “Hailey hilburn hits umpire” said she was following the instructions coming directly from her coach before the incident . As a sophomore in high school who was under a scholarship, she lost her scholarship; though the scholarship didn’t take her off the team, she was still permitted to play for the Utah team but without a scholarship.

Hailey Hilburn loses scholarship: Lessons to Scholarship Aspirants

1: Respect the rules and regulations of the establishment you find yourself in.

Among the lessons you should gain from Hailey Hilburn loses scholarship as a scholarship aspirant is that you should respect the regulations of any organization you find yourself in. Be it athletic opportunities, scholarships, or work and study abroad opportunities, Hilburn failed the rule of respect by violating the rules and regulations of softball, which earned her the scholarship. She threw a pitch at the umpire, and the umpire is the one who oversees the process of enforcing rules, fair play, and safety. Her action was a disrespectful one and could have caused harm to the umpire. She brought shame to her scholarship sponsors, who had awarded her the scholarship on the basis of academic merit as well as her desirable personal characteristics. They were disappointed and thought she was not worthy of their trust to offer her scholarship support. Her disobedience made her lose the scholarship.


As a scholarship aspirant, you should try as much as possible to respect the rules and authorities that are set to govern the smooth running of the sport, work, and academic field of interest. You are to abide by the rules and regulations of your scholarship host. Some of the rules set by some scholarship host organizations include:

  • You should maintain a certain minimum GPA requirement.
  • You should complete a certain number of credits,
  • You must actively participate in certain activities.
  • You should respect the people who are in charge of operations, as they are the ones with the power and responsibility to evaluate their performance and progress, such as coaches, mentors, teachers, or scholarship committees. You should pay close attention to the feedback they give you, take advice, and be willing to face criticism, as all of these are for your own improvement. Never argue, complain, or disobey them; if there is a valid reason to do so, then follow the right procedure to get it sorted out. When you follow the rules and regulations, it shows you are exercising professionalism, gratitude, and integrity, and the chances that your scholarship sponsors will maintain the funding are high.

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2: Make use of your critical thinking abilities, as they help you act in an ethical manner.


A very important lesson for scholarship aspirants in Hailey Hilburn’s case is that it is always necessary to think outside the box before acting. Hailey Hilburn’s mistake was terrible because she was trying to follow the instructions of her coach without even thinking about the outcome. Hailey Hilburn did not try to question his authority and his motives to know whether the action was necessary, and she did not think about the results of her actions. She obeyed his command blindly, without checking to know if it was right or wrong or what the best action was for herself and the rest of the players. Her action was described as unethical and a betrayal of the values and principles that the scholarship host saw in her.


You are to learn as much as possible about how best to think and the best ethical action to take; don’t just follow the coach’s order blindly or your teacher’s instructions when asked to do something unethical, something illegal, or something that may cause harm to your competitors. Have the courage and responsibility to make and stand for your own decisions if you are right. When you think for yourself and learn how to ethically act, it shows you are independent and mature enough to avoid losing your scholarship and other opportunities.


3: Learn to Be Strong and Adapt Easily to Changes


Every scholarship aspirant should learn to adapt to changes without trembling. Hilburn was faced with a challenge that caused her to lose her scholarship. She was strong and didn’t let this mistake affect her emotional wellbeing, her financial status, and, of course, her social life. She was strong enough to face the shame and regret. She had to think more strategically to find other means of funding her education since the scholarship was cancelled. If she weren’t strong, who knows, she must have dropped out. She tried her best to reconcile the misunderstandings with her teammates, opponents, and fans, and that way she was able to regain respect and trust from them. Her patience earned her many honors and awards; among her numerous awards were

  • The Pac-12 Pitcher of the Week Award,
  • The NFCA All-Region 2nd Team Award,
  • Academic All-Pac-12 1st Team Award.

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Final Thoughts on Hailey Hilburn loses scholarship

There are many lessons to learn from Hailey Hilburn’s scholarship loss. If you are planning to go abroad for a scholarship, athletic scholarship, work, or internship, have these 3 lessons in mind: Respect the rules and regulations of the establishment you find yourself in, Make use of your critical thinking abilities, as they help you act in an ethical manner. Last but not least, Learn to be strong and adapt easily to changes.

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