Top colleges for softball scholarships near me

Top colleges for softball scholarships near me: When it comes to finding a softball scholarship, everyone is looking out for the top colleges offering the best scholarships in softball, and that helps you narrow down your search. If you are searching for colleges for scholarships in softball, the good news is that there are more than 1,600 colleges offering softball programs across the world, and many of them have scholarships for exceptional scholars.

How are softball scholarships awarded?

Most of the college softball programs offered in the United States are structured in such a way that the players perform under the supervision of:

  1. National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) or
  2. National Association of Undergraduate Athletics (NAIA),

Any of these two can serve, and this can be likened to the same practices in other intercollegiate sports (NAIA). It is the NCAA that is saddled with the responsibility of developing the rules of the game, and they also sanction overseas organizations during the season until the tournaments end.

Apply for these scholarships:

When you get into a softball college and you are looking for the best ways to finance your studies, there are many ways for you to fund your college education, and my best pick is getting a softball scholarship. Softball scholarships are awarded if you are a skilled softball player able to show that you have strong academic records.

What are the easiest sports to get a scholarship for?

Most people say it’s baseball, but personally, I would give it to softball. Here is why: The completion is not too tight in the softball niche, and that makes it even easier to get. The same stands for baseball; they are easier to get than football, volleyball, and the rest.

How can I get college softball scholarships?

College softball scholarships do not come from heaven; there are lots of things you should put into place to be considered for scholarships. If you are exceptional in sports and academics, there are a lot of schools offering these scholarships, but like I said, you need to do the right things first. Most opportunities require that you first contact the coaches, who will register you on their watch list. Softball coaches are on the lookout for pitchers, and the majority of the scholarships are available for pitchers. Position players are only left to compete to win the remaining ones.

How the scholarships are shared

  • Pitchers win most of the fully funded opportunities. It is true that most scholarships available here are partially funded, but the fully funded scholarships are given out.
  • Catchers—Catchers win lots of scholarships, and most teams are looking to hire up to three catchers on their team.
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  • Middle infielders—If you have good batting skills, then you could secure scholarships playing softball.
  • Third base—this level offers scholarships but is not compared to pitchers. And what comes next is first base.
  • Outfield— Scholarships as an outfield softball player are hard to secure, though it is not impossible.

The process flow generally takes time; you just need to be dedicated.

  1. First, you will have to get scouted as you play tournaments.
  2. You win the interest of coaches.
  3. They initiate contact and start the recruitment process.
  4. Recruitment can take time—up to a year or more.
  5. You will receive phone calls and pay certain visits to validate your candidacy.
  6. Your official scholarship is granted.

The top colleges for softball scholarships near me

The colleges offering softball scholarships are based on the different division levels.

Number of Scholarships for Each Division Level

The majority of the softball scholarships are not offered as full scholarships, and this is because it is an equivalency sport. Let me give you an illustration to understand this: in NCAA DI, it is normal for the coaches to decide to share the value of the 12 available scholarships with as many athletes as they wish, so sometimes it might come as partial, quarterly, or percentage financial aid (say 30%).
NCAA DI: There are up to 12 scholarships.
NCAA DII: There are up to 7.2
NAIA: There are up to 10
NJCAA (DI): There are up to 24

What are the number of college softball programs available?

The NCAA DI has up to 295 college softball programs.
NCAA DII has up to 290 college softball programs.
The NCAA Division III has up to 427 college softball programs.
NAIA has up to 191 college softball programs.
The NJCAA has up to 491 college softball programs.

A total of 1,694 softball programs

Please bear in mind that NCAA Division III schools are not offering athletic scholarships; however, you can win other forms of financial aid.

The top colleges for softball scholarships

There are many colleges offering these scholarships; all you need to do is visit their websites and check if they are still accepting applications. As I said earlier, it is not a must that you apply to these colleges for scholarships. You can start playing at tournaments, and maybe you will win the heart of a coach. Just do the right thing! Here are the top colleges to look out for when getting softball financial aid:

  1. University of Western Ontario
  2. Brock University
  3. Fanshawe College
  4. University of Windsor
  5. McMaster University
  6. University of British Colombia
  7. Louisiana State University
  8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  9. Stanford University
  10. Havard University
  11. Yale University
  12. Johns Hopkins University
  13. Trine University
  14. Liu Brooklyn University
  15. James Madison University
  16. Northeastern University, Boston
  17. Adelphi University
  18. University of Florida
  19. University of California
  20. Sanford University
  21. Dartmouth College
  22. Auburn University
  23. Baylor University
  24. Boston University
  25. University of Oregon
  26. The University of Michigan
  27. The University of Tulsa
  28. Fordham University
  29. University of Toronto

What are the requirements to win a softball scholarship?

If you have a school in mind, it is required that you check the school’s website to see their academic standards. Also bear in mind that the minimum NCAA and NAIA requirements remain the first requirement that makes you fit for a scholarship in softball.

Check these scholarships:

What are the chances of getting a softball scholarship?

Your chances of getting a softball scholarship are not as simple as you may think. You need to put in hard work and be determined, making sure that your application is sound.

Softball scholarships are easier to secure compared to football and volleyball, but one thing you should know is that it is competitive to get a good college softball scholarship, as only the best athletes are considered. For the 2018–2019 academic session, up to 362,038 high school softball players were recorded, and among them were about 31,729 college softball players. From here, it can be deduced that up to 8.4% of these high school softball players had to compete against levels like

  • NCAA Division I,
  • Division II
  • Division III levels,
  • NAIA and
  • NJCAA levels.

Out of these figures, just 1.6% of these high school softball players make it to the NCAA Division I level.

Frequently asked question

Which sport gets the most scholarships?

Football is the sport offering the majority of athletic scholarships, but one thing you should know is that their scholarships are very competitive.


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