Apply Now! Heavy Equipment Mechanic Job Vacancies in Canada 2024

Apply Now! Heavy Equipment Mechanic Job Vacancies in Canada 2024

Applications are now invited to submit interest forms for heavy equipment mechanic job vacancies in Canada. This is a very lucrative job opportunity (heavy equipment mechanics in Canada make up to $72,414 on an annual basis or up to $37.14 on an hourly basis), and I pray you get it. Your duty, if selected for this position, would typically involve making sure that big machines like bulldozers, cranes, and tractors are working in their best state. You will render a quick fix when they malfunction and give instructions on the best way to use the machines for safety and efficiency.

To learn more about this job, please don’t skip any sector of this article; everything is important under this content if you want to really get this job.

Who can apply for heavy equipment mechanic job openings in Canada?

This job opening by Industrial Personnel and Management Services Inc. (IPAMS) for Heavy Equipment Mechanics expects you to meet the following eligibility levels to apply for this job vacancy to work in Canada:

  1. You should have 3 years of working experience as a heavy equipment mechanic.
  2. You should have obtained at least a high school degree or a vocational course.
  3. You must have a valid professional driver’s license.
  4. You should also know how to speak English.

To make yourself worthy of selection for this role, ensure that your resume fully highlights all your skills in the mechanical field and that you have obtained the necessary certifications that make your quality outstanding. When you apply, don’t just sit and wait; use the review stage to practice for your interviews and make sure your skills remain the first point of attraction. Also,  work on improving your English language skills while you wait.

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Summary of Details about Heavy Equipment Mechanic Job Vacancies in Canada 2024

Job Title: Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Educational Qualifications: not least a high school degree or a vocational course

Application Deadline: June 18, 2024

Principal Employer: RM Recruitment International

A little to know about RM Recruitment International

RM Recruitment International’s specialization is providing solutions as it relates to job recruitment. RM International Recruitment is fair in all its dealings, and they recruit workers who are the best-specialized applicants for a job role that will meet the desires of their clients.

The day-to day responsibilities of a heavy equipment mechanic under this role

Your day-to-day activity as a heavy equipment mechanic would revolve around making sure that the process of construction and farming projects is not interrupted because of faulty or spoiled machinery.

What does a heavy-duty mechanic do?

  1. You will search for faults and fix the operational difficulties that come with using industrial heavy-duty diesel trucks and equipment.
  2. Maintenance and effective repair of vehicles, heavy diesel, CNG, equipment operated electrically, gas, and vehicles.
  3. administrative duties and making the necessary reports daily.
  4. Planning and fixing the best time to run repairs in the M5 planner and making sure that all parts needed for a successful plan have been purchased.
  5. Coordinating repair schedules and reviewing mechanical write-ups on new and old equipment.
  6. Making sure that safe working conditions are maintained at all times and that every safety regulation on machine usage is followed.
  7. You will make use of different power and hand tools and equipment.
  8. Maintenance of all tools needed to perform tasks on heavy equipment or hydraulic equipment.

Application Deadline for Heavy Equipment Mechanic Job Vacancies in Canada

You don’t need to wait until the application deadline to apply for the Heavy Equipment Mechanic position. The earlier you apply, the better chances you may get, so you don’t hear unforeseen stories.

The last date to submit your application is June 18, 2024. We advise that you make your application before that day, as this job recruiter would not be held responsible for any network glitch that comes with a last-minute application. Once you are done reading this content, start the application process already.

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Just before you apply:


Create your professional CV, and make sure it is outstanding.

Make sure that your resume or CV is filled with all the relevant information that can make you stand out. Ensure that you include your educational qualifications, work experience level, and skills.

Start the application process.

1: Start by registering on the application portal.

Check on the apply now button below; you will be led to the application portal. Click on the “Register” button to start the process of applying. Carefully read the application guidelines and check on the (x) button to go on with the application form.

2: Fill in your details and upload the required documents.

Every required piece of information must be needed, and you should make sure that your photo and CV are uploaded.

You will get to the PEOS Certificate ID section on the form; do well to fill out all the necessary fields in the form.

3: Downloading and Filling Out the Job Evaluation Form

Click Download and completely fill out the evaluation form for your preferred position.

4: Finish the registration.

When you have provided all the details needed in the form, click on the “Register” button to complete your application.

In cases of difficulty in applications

If your email is not signing up and you have registered with the email, all you need to do is log in and check on forgot password” to carry out a password reset. Persons with no PEOS ID can obtain theirs at the PEOS website.

For more details and a complaint, reach out to the email line at and provide a screenshot of the problem you are facing. Good luck!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do heavy equipment mechanics make in Canada?

Heavy equipment mechanics in Canada make up to $72,414 on an annual basis or up to $37.14 on an hourly basis. As an entry-level job candidate for this role, you can make up to $61,537 annually, while as an experienced level worker, you will earn up to $87,750 per year.

What makes a good heavy equipment mechanic?

A good heavy-equipment mechanic should have the following characteristics:

  • Be good with mechanical skills.
  • Have outstanding problem-solving skills,
  • Have physical stamina,
  • Be attentive to detail.
  • A heavy-duty mechanic has a good educational background.
  • Quality training in the field.

What skills do you need for heavy equipment maintenance?

To get hired for heavy equipment maintenance jobs, you should acquire skills in equipment operation, driving, and hand and foot coordination. You should not just think like the common man; instead, learn to follow safety protocols and teach others to. You should be able to set up safe operating procedures and make sure they are implemented. Lastly, equipment maintenance knowledge and good troubleshooting skills will be required to work in this area.



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