Urgent Lifeguard Job in Saudi Arabia 2024| Apply

Urgent Lifeguard Job in Saudi Arabia | Apply: Interested and eligible persons can now apply for a lifeguard job at Leejam Sports Company. This is an opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia.

As a lifeguard professional at Leejam Sports Company, your job is to keep the swimming area safe and make sure that it is enjoyable for everyone. You should be a lover of swimming, and you must be dedicated to safety to serve the guests needs.

Who can apply for a lifeguard job in Saudi Arabia?

Candidates who meet the following requirements are advised to apply:

  1. Possess a college undergraduate degree (a degree in physical education is an added advantage). certification to practice Lifeguard
  2. Two (2) years of experience working as a swim instructor( most especially for kids)
  3. You must have excellent communication skills and high proficiency in spoken English.
  4. Well-rounded knowledge about swimming strokes and teaching levels is needed.
  5. You must be presentable and hygienic.
  6. You should have excellent problem-solving skills.
  7. You must be able to adapt and occasionally work in shifts that are varied based on need.
  8. High professionalism is required. Other desirable traits include integrity, honesty, and a good work ethic.

Day-to-day duties and responsibilities as a lifeguard professional under this role

As a lifeguard professional applying for a lifeguard job in Saudi Arabia, you should be prepared to do these and more activities:

  1. Making sure that order and safety are maintained in the swimming pool area and in its surroundings.
  2. Carrying out important lifeguard duties to ensure that the safety of anyone using the pool is assured at any time.
  3. In charge of group swimming classes, you educate them on their needs, fears, and desires to use the pool. You must be involved from the beginning to the end.
  4. Making sure the pool area is clean and that the surrounding areas are decked.
  5. Go for in-service training and staff meetings scheduled by the fitness manager or any member of the management team.
  6. Knowledge and ability to enforce emergency procedures and safety regulations in case of any occurrence in the pool or wet area.

You can learn more about the other responsibilities by reading through the application prompt.

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Meet the principal employers.

Leejam Sports Company does not just provide gym service; they also provide a variety of sports services, so they have the biggest network of sports facilities based in the MENA region. They offer services for both men and women.

How to Apply for a Lifeguard Job in Saudi Arabia


To apply, abide by the following process flow:

Prepare your resume or CV:

A resume or CV showing all the relevant information about you is needed to begin the application process. The resume should include your educational qualifications, work experience, and skills. Ensure that you are using a CV devoid of errors of all kinds.

Visit the dedicated portal for applications:

Make your application by visiting the online application portal at: https://www.ipams.com/jobseeker/job/8295.

Initiate the registration step after reading the guidelines.

Check the “Register” button to start the process. This will lead you to the registration process proper.

Fill out the application form and make uploads of the necessary application documents.

Fill out the application form completely by putting in your personal details. You would be required to upload your photo and CV. If a PEOS Certificate ID is required, you will have to obtain one. Ensure to cross-check every detail you fill out and make sure that documents are uploaded in the right spot.

Access the evaluation form, download it, and fill out

As specified, you would have to fill out an evaluation form for the preferred job position you want.

Roundup of the Process of Registration:


After filling out the form, check the “Register” button.

Application Deadline for a Lifeguard Job in Saudi Arabia

The last date to submit an application for this lifeguard job in Saudi Arabia is July 1, 2024. All interested candidates are to submit their applications before the scheduled deadline.

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