Scaffolder Jobs in Japan 2024 | Apply Now

Scaffolder Jobs in Japan 2024 | Apply Now

Interested and eligible candidates from all countries in the world are invited to apply for scaffolder job vacancies in Japan. EDI-Staffbuilders International Inc. is inviting you to apply for this amazing job opportunity. Find out how to apply and what is required as you submit your applications.

Who can apply for scaffolder jobs in Japan?

The scaffolder jobs in Japan available at EDI-Staffbuilders International Inc. expect that you meet the following requirements to be eligible for selection:.

  1. You are equipped with sound knowledge about the different safety regulations.
  2. You are physically fit, and you have the desired strength.
  3. You are able to work at heights.
  4. You can pay attention to the instructions and details.

The job requires that you meet these criteria so that you can deliver your duties excellently. The requirements are not too strict, and we believe you should meet them.

Can I work in construction in Japan?

As an international job seeker who wishes to work in the Japanese construction industry, you are expected to get a valid work visa to be fit for legal work in Japan. The Japanese work visas are You may also be sponsored by your Japanese employers if you are on a work contract from another country.

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What is required of you as a scaffolder by EDI-Staffbuilders International Inc.?

As a scaffolder who would be hired for this position in Japan, your job responsibilities entail that you oversee the construction and dismantling of temporary metal scaffolding on the company’s construction sites to make sure that other construction workers can go on with their respective jobs without fear of harm.

For this role, you have to carefully abide by the safety standards and regulations so that you can maintain a secure working environment for yourself and other construction workers.

Generally, scaffolder job responsibilities are:

  • Erecting and dismantling scaffolding following the safety regulations
  • Inspecting scaffolding to check if there are defects or if there are damages.
  • Make sure that scaffolding is stable and safe for workers.
  • Collaborating with the construction team to complete the project before deadlines
  • Make sure that tools and equipment are maintained in good condition.

Application deadline for scaffolder jobs in Japan

The vacancy for this position is still active for you to apply for. The recruiters did not specify a deadline to apply for this position. Please keep in mind that the earlier you apply, the better chances you may have of being selected. Inform your friends to apply. You can reach out to the agency through their website or contact them directly to learn more.

How to Apply for Scaffolder Jobs in Japan

1: Sign up

If you are sure that you meet the requirements for the scaffolder job vacancies in Japan, fast-track to the apply now button below to create an account. You would be required to create your personal account on the website, and account creation involves filling in your name, providing a working email address, and creating a strong password. Please don’t share your password. Confirm that the password provided is correct, and verify that you are not a robot. Check on the “Create account” button to complete this step.

2: The email verification step

Go to the Gmail inbox on your phone and search for a verification message from the website. If you can’t see it, check your spam folder. Once you see it, click on “Activate Account.”.

3: Log in and make uploads of your credentials.

The login page automatically opens after activation of the account. Enter your details and submit by tapping on the “Login” button. Once it opens up, you will have to first upload your resume. Just check the “Upload” button and choose the file from your phone’s storage.

4: Fill in the required fields.

You will have to provide your personal information (such as your full name, gender, and contact details), your address (which should include your country of residence and/or origin, province, and city), your nationality, the job type you’re applying for, your current job title and location, your current salary and the salary range you expect, your years of experience, your educational background, the relevant 10 skills you have, your preferred job location, and lastly, your work permit details.

5: Click on the Save Information tab and submit.

Once you click on “Save after updating all the required fields, then that’s all! Congratulations! You are awaiting job approval! Do well to check your email from time to time!

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Frequently Asked Questions about scaffolder jobs in Japan

How much do scaffolders make in Japan?

Scaffolders make ¥41,080 (JPY) per year. The gross salary of an average scaffold worker in Japan is up to ¥2,934,261 (this amounts to an hourly pay rate of ¥1,411). In addition, they earn an average bonus of ¥41,080. Salary estimates are based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in Japan.

Does Japan allow foreign workers?

Japan allows foreign workers to fill skilled worker vacancies, and there are currently more than  800,000 foreign workers gainfully employed in the industry.

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