Non-Native English Teacher Job Hiring in Japan 2024

Non-Native English Teacher Job Hiring in Japan: Apply for non-native English teacher job and Be one of the successful candidates to Teach in Japan!

This guide will inform you on the required qualifications, eligibility criteria, salary expectations , last date to submit application and how to apply for the Non-Native English Teacher position in Japan.

What is expected from you? : Job Description

As a Non-Native English Teacher, your duty is to teach English language to students utilizing their own experience level in language-learning .

Here is a breakdown of your tasks and responsibilities :

  • Preparingand givinglessons that would assist students to learn English.
  • Creating well craftedlesson plans that perfectly resonates with the goals of the curriculum.
  • Using a variety of teaching methods to solve students’ needs.
  • Setting clear goals to accomplish for all lessons.
  • Checking yourstudents’ work and helpingthem to make improvements.
  • Grading students and giving them feedback for assignments and teststaken.
  • Keeping track of the performance of each student.
  • Keeping the school records upto date.
  • Attending school meetings and talkingwith parents concerning the performance(s) of their children.
  • Stayinginformed on the new teaching methods and knowledge of new teaching materials.

Meet the Principal Employer

AEON Corporation is the principal employer for the Non-Native English Teacher Job Hiring in Japan.

The AEON Corporation is in existence since 1973 . In Japan the corporation has exemplified as a leader in the teaching of English language, and they have employed over 1,500 people with more than 40,000 students who are been taught across Japan.

Application Deadline for Non-Native English Teacher Job Hiring in Japan

The last date to submit application for the position for Non-Native English Teacher Job Hiring in Japan is in the 24th of  December , 2024.

Apply Now

Who Can Apply for Non-Native English Teacher Job Hiring in Japan?

  • You must possess not less than a Bachelor’s / College Degree
  • Both Male and Female applicantscan apply
  • You must beaged between 24 to 40 years old

Salary Expectation

The expected salary for someone who is a non-native English teachers in Japan is dependent on the location, the type of institution he or she would be working , and the level of work experience. On a General Note, the monthly salary within a range of ¥220,000 and ¥280,000 (that is equivalent to a range between Php 81,091.78 and 103,207.72 in Philippine ).

How to Apply for Non-Native English Teacher Job Hiring in Japan

  • Take your time to go through the Job Description
  • Gather Your Application Documents
  • Go to the Application Page
  • Click Register or Log In if you are already signed up
  • Complete Your ApplicationForm and Submit

Apply Now

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