Permanent IT Jobs

Permanent IT Jobs, Salary, and Prospects

There are many permanent information communication jobs; you just need to select from my list of the best. This list was carefully selected, and every permanent IT job covered here is worth exploring. Take your time to read through!

What is an IT job?

IT job opportunities are positions that require that you implement, maintain, support, repair, and/or protect computer data or the entire system. IT jobs are some of the best-paid positions worldwide, and most of them offer you the flexibility to work from home.

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The Best Permanent IT Jobs

1 IT technician

An IT technician in the United States earns an average annual salary of up to $48,594, and it has been predicted to have up to 6% annual growth from the career outlook.

To become an IT technician, you should have in-depth knowledge of computer systems and also know how to run troubleshooting tasks. Usually, when applying to jobs as an IT technician, you are required to present your certifications, any associate degree obtained (either related to the field or outside the niche), or bachelor’s degrees.

IT technicians are saddled with the responsibility of supporting the technical issues that occur in an organization’s computer system. You are the one who would do the actual technical work to provide a solution to the issue.

2 Information security analysts

Information security analysts in the United States earn up to $102,600 every year. And the job is predicted to have 35% potential annual growth. Usually, when applying for jobs as an information security analyst, you are required to present your certifications, such as any associate degree obtained or your bachelor’s degree.

Information security analysts are known as cybersecurity analysts. Their job roles include:

  • Protecting and maintaining a company’s computer networks &
  • They plan and implement security measures to ensure there is no compromise. If problems occur, they quickly address the breaches to ensure normalcy.

3 Site reliability engineers

Site reliability engineers in the United States earn up to $111,146 annually.

It is also predicted that the job has an annual growth rate of 34%. To be good at this job position, you should have a good level of experience in site reliability or DevOps experience; other related skills may be an added advantage to your qualifications. A bachelor’s degree may also be requested in bigger positions.

4 Systems administrator

System administrators are also known as computer administrators. They are saddled with the responsibility of installing, configuring, and maintaining operations for computer systems and servers housing many users.

Systems administrators are paid up to $80,600 annually, and the job has a predicted annual growth rate of 3%.

System administrators are expected to have good experience working with computer systems. Usually, when applying for system administration jobs, you are required to present your certifications, any associate degree obtained (either related to the field or outside the niche), or bachelor’s degrees.

5 Web developers

Web developers are workers who create websites for online presentations; they create a virtual platform where businesses operate and interact with their customers. These workers earn up to $78,300 annually, and the job has the potential for up to 23% growth every year. This is one of the permanent IT job positions you shouldn’t miss, and it is highly lucrative. You can also be self-employed, working as a web developer. You need to know how to program if you want to secure positions in this job. Also, you may be required to provide an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree qualification.

6 Cloud engineers

Cloud engineers are saddled with the role of migrating business applications, maintaining functions, and moving steps to the cloud. Other responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the design,
  • Configuring cloud-based services and

Monitoring cloud-based services, like Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure platforms.

A cloud engineer in the United States earns an average annual salary of up to $104,659.

You should have good knowledge of the cloud platforms. Most times, higher preferences are given to people with a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or related experiences.


7 Systems Analysts

The median yearly salary of system analysts in the US is $99,270. This permanent IT job also has a predicted 9% annual growth rate.If you want to apply for system administration jobs, you are required to present your certifications, any associate degree obtained (either related to the field or outside the niche), or bachelor’s degrees.

Systems analysts are to maintain the company’s computing systems, and they are to ensure that the system remains efficient and effective. If improvements are available, they discover them, and they run designs and tests to eventually deploy systems for overall improvements.

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8 Software developers

Software developers make up to $109,020 every year, and the job is predicted to have up to a 25% annual growth rate. Software developers are expected to have experience working with different programming languages. You may be required to provide a bachelor’s or master’s degree to secure a job as a software developer.


9 Help desk technician

The help desk technician’s role includes the maintenance, installation, or troubleshooting of computer hardware and software. Help dear technicians provide solutions to networking issues, and they work hand in hand with other company employees providing solutions related to computer systems.

You could make up to $57,910 as a help desk technician in the permanent IT industry. The job is predicted to have a 6% annual growth rate.

Help desk technicians have in-depth knowledge of computer systems and troubleshooting. And to become a practicing technician here, you should take certification courses, obtain associate degrees, or bachelor’s degrees.

10 Database administrators

As a database administrator, you can make up to $101,000 annually. The job has up to 9% predicted annual growth. To secure a position in this job, you must have obtained certifications, such as an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree, as most recruiters require them.

A database administrator’s work includes storing, organizing, and securing data.

What is the best job to get in IT?

Some of the best jobs to get in the IT industry are software development jobs, information security analyst jobs, IT management jobs, and computer systems analysis jobs.

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