VSCO search: How do I find people I know on VSCO?

VSCO search: How do I find people I know on VSCO? VSCO Search is an app that can supply you with catchy feeds to have a view of the work of others. It is a photo-sharing-based social application, and a user can sort through posts on the platform using hashtags or by searching by usernames and presets. The use of VSCO search is like searching for photos on the web or in an app.

If you are new to VSCO and you want to learn how to find people you know in the app and how to add them, everything has been well outlined in this content.

How does a VSCO search work?

Basically, VSCO Search works like a photo-sharing app that is more like a social platform. With VSCO search, you are able to sort through posts and see what you are looking for using hashtags, via user search, and through presets. The platform is an easy way to discover new content that you want to learn more about, as it will group photos together and reduce the stress of searching.

Can you search for someone on VSCO?

You can search for someone you are interested in connecting with or you just want to view his profile in your feed.

To get this done, you just have to click on the + icon (this can be found on the top right corner). By doing this, you can search for someone on VSCO using their username if you want to follow the account.

How do I find people I know on VSCO?

If you want to find people you know on VSCO, there are many steps to follow, and we have outlined the steps below.

1: How to find people you know on VSCO using a phone contact list

To find someone from your phone’s contact list to follow on VSCO, here is what you should do:

  • Go to
  • Check on Follow for any user in your contact list who you want to follow on VSCO.
  • If your contact list is empty,it either means none of your contacts are using VSCO or it means the right access has not been granted. To grant VSCO access to your contacts, you should go to your device settings and click on the button that says “allow VSCO to access Contacts.”


2: How to find someone using a VSCO username

To connect to people by their VSCO username, what you should do is check on the + icon in the top right corner of your screen and type in the username. VSCO will provide you with a list of users bearing the name you are searching for, and you can select what you want.

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Can people see how many VSCO followers you have?

Even though VSCO is structured to look more like an Instagram interface, they differ by the limit of social interaction. In Instagram, you can see the number of followers that someone has, but in VSCO, the metrics are different, and a user cannot see the number of followers that another user has.

How can I make use of VSCO Search?

You can easily search through VSCO using the web version for people who enjoy working on larger screens. In any case, whether you are using the web or app version, there is always a magnifying glass icon on their site (you can see it in the upper left-hand corner). You can now start searching for whatever you want to search for.

To search using VSCO, there are three ways to get started:

  • You can click on the search bar and select search for surface users.
  • You can also search for surface images or
  • You can search for surface journals.

Can someone see if you click on their VSCO link on Instagram?

The links you click are not like those on LinkedIn, where the account owner would be notified. It is just like that of Facebook or Instagram; no one knows when you click on their VSCO links. VSCO links are usually included in an Instagram bio, and they are public and clickable.

Whenever you click on a VSCO link, it will lead you to the specific VSCO profile or page that the link is made for, and the owner of the account link will not know who clicked on it; there is no notification or alert for link clicking.


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