Poland student visa success rate

Poland student visa success rate: The success rate for applying for and securing a student visa to study abroad in Poland is dependent on the country in which the applicant hails. The success rate is determined by the country’s nature of bilateral relations, their present economic standing, the trend of citizen migration, and a lot of other factors, which I will outline later in this article.

The success rate of Poland student visa applications fluctuates on an annual basis, so we can’t just peg the value at a particular point. Reports have it that the Poland student visa success rate for the year 2024 is at ninety-five percent (95%). This means that out of 1000 qualified applications for a student visa into Poland, up to 950 applicants are considered, but there are still things you need to know regarding Poland visas for students, so please don’t skip any!

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Here are factors that positively impact the Poland student visa success rate.

1: If your application is accurate and complete

The success rate of your student visa application to Poland will be improved when you have a completely filled-out application form with the right credentials and personal details. Your application is prone to rejection if you provide the wrong details, so bear that in mind.

2: Meet the Document Requirements:

When every student takes note of the document requirements and applies proper precautions, the success rate for the year will be very much improved. I have gathered a list of the necessary documents you need; find the list below:

What are the documents required to apply for a Poland student visa?


  • Your passport,which must be valid for up to 3 months from the date that you plan to leave Poland.
  • Verified copies of your school diplomas and certificates
  • Your resume or CV
  • Your Polish student visa form, which must be filled out completely,.
  • Acceptance letter obtained from the institution based in Poland that you plan to attend when you reach the country.
  • The receipt from your visa application fee payment.
  • Applicant’s photograph that is passport-sized
  • Proof of your accommodation in Poland
  • Your health insurance paper
  • Proof that you are proficient in English or any other chosen language is your means of instruction.
  • Proof that you have funds that could sustain your studies and living expenses in Poland.
  • Complete travel documents

3. Clearly state the purpose of your visit to Poland:


When everyone clearly points out the purpose of their visit and that it is for a student visa, the success rates will improve. When applying, note that the admission letter you obtained from your university is also needed.

4 Financial Stability of Applicants improves Poland student visa success rate

As an applicant, you should be able to communicate that you have sufficient financial backup to cover your study abroad journey in Poland.


5: Having a Positive Travel History:

If your previous travel history gave positive reports about you, especially in the Schengen area, then your success chance is the most favorable.

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Is a Polish student visa easy to get? Poland student visa rejection rate

A Polish student visa is relatively easy to get. Just make sure that you have provided the right details during your application, and make sure that all of the mandatory application documents are included. Usually, your visa application will be reviewed within 15 days of submission, and you will receive feedback within this period. Even though the process is relatively quick, I still advise that you start the application early enough and not when your departure date approaches. The Poland student visa rejection rate is quite little with the right thing done!

Is a Poland visa difficult to get? is poland good for international students

Are you asking to know if a Poland visa is difficult to get? Well, the answer is no. Poland is actually rated in the list of the easiest places to obtain a visa. Their visa acceptance rate is way higher than that of many other nearby countries.

Poland is an amazing study abroad destination for international students.

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What is the minimum bank balance for a Polish student visa?

Without including your tuition fees and the cost of living in Poland, together with other extra charges, you need a minimum bank balance of 13,000 USD to be eligible for a Poland student visa.

How long does it take to get a Polish student visa?


It doesn’t take much time; as stated earlier, your visa application will be reviewed within 15 days of submission, and you will receive feedback within this period. However, there may be cases of extended review, but in all, the average processing time to get a Polish student visa is one month.


Frequently Asked Questions: Poland Student Visa Success Rate


What is the success rate of Poland’s visa in Nigeria?

The success rate of a Poland visa in Nigeria is up to 70%, and you should make sure that you prepare all the necessary documents, making sure that your bank statement shows that you have up to 5 million Naira in savings and a proof of your insurance. Gather the other documents I outlined earlier in this article.

How long does it take to get a student visa for Poland?

It takes from a few days to up to 30 days. You should visit the Polish Consulate closest to you, and then, after filling out the application form, you can include all the required documents.

Can I bring my family to Poland while studying?

You are eligible to invite your family to Poland while studying, but that would be subject to condition. The condition is that your family member has to submit an application for a residence permit clearly stating that he or she is an accompanying family member.


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