Urgent Hiring: Food Service Attendant Job in Japan 2024

Urgent Hiring: Food Service Attendant Job in Japan 2024 | Apply Now

Applications are now open to submit interest forms for a Food Service Attendant job position in Japan. As a service attendant hired for this role, you’ll be saddled with the responsibilities of creating great dining experiences, serving food, greeting guests, taking orders, serving drinks, and making sure the environment is clean at all times.

This is a very lucrative job opportunity, and you might just be the best candidate for this job. A job site predicts an hourly wage of $10.10 to $32.45 for food service attendants, and you can expect more earnings. To learn more about this job, please don’t skip any sector of this article; everything is important under this content if you want to really get this job.

Who can apply for a food service attendant job in Japan?

You can apply for this job if you meet the following criteria:

  1. Both males and females can apply.
  2. You must be a graduate of any 4-year course.
  3. Be in possession of either JLPT N3, JLPT N4, or JFT (basic passer).
  4. You must have passed the skill test to work in a food service field.
  5. Usually, people with previous experience in food service are granted preference.
  6. Very good communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills
  7. You must be able to work in a fast-paced environment.
  8. You should have basic mathematical skills.

To make yourself worthy of selection for this role, ensure that your resume fully highlights all your skills in food service and/or customer service relationships. Make sure you have obtained the necessary certifications that make your quality outstanding. As soon as you have made your application, don’t just sit and wait; use the review stage to practice for your interviews and make sure your skills remain the first point of attraction. Also,  work on improving your English language skills while you wait.

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Job Overview

Title: Food Service Attendant

Role: Attendant

Category: Food Service Attendant

Functional Area: Areas of Hospitality

What is the type of employment?

Location: Open in Various Locations Across Japan

Type: Permanent Job

Level of experience required: 0 to 10 years

What is the role of a service attendant?

Below are the roles and responsibilities of food service attendants:

  1. Greeting customers and taking their orders
  2. Preparation and service of food and beverages
  3. Maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene in all areas of food service
  4. Handle all cash transactions and oversee the cash register.
  5. Help in inventory management and also assist in restocking supplies.

Application Deadline for a Food Service Attendant Job in Japan

Since you have seen this post, apply now! You don’t need to wait until the application deadline to apply for the Heavy Equipment Mechanic position. The earlier you apply, the better chances you may get, so you don’t hear unforeseen stories.

The agency did not include an application deadline for this position. To stay informed, regularly visit the agency’s website or contact them directly. Once you are done reading this content, start the application process already.

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Application Process Flow for a Food Service Attendant Job in Japan

Step 1: Sign up

If you are sure that you are not found wanting in any of the above requirements for this job, click on the apply now button below to create an account. It is required that you create your personal account on the website, and account creation involves filling in your name, providing a working email address, and creating a strong password. Never share your password. Confirm that the password provided is correct, and click on verify to prove that you are not a robot. Check on the “Create account” button to complete this step.

Step 2: Email verification

Go to the Gmail inbox on your phone and check to see a verification message from the website. If you can’t find it, check your spam folder. Once you see it, click on “Activate Account.”.

Step 3: Log in and make uploads of your credentials.

The login page automatically opens after activation of the account. Enter your details and submit by tapping on the “Login” button. Once it opens up, you will have to first upload your resume. Just check the “Upload” button and choose the file from your phone’s storage.

Step 4: Carefully fill in the necessary fields.

You will have to fill in your personal information (such as your full name, gender, and contact details), your address (which should include your country of residence and/or origin, province, and city), your nationality, the job type you’re applying for, your current job title and location, your current salary and the salary range you expect, your years of experience, your educational background, the relevant 10 skills you have, your preferred job location, and lastly, your work permit details.

5: Click on Save to record your information and submit.

Once you click on “Save” after updating all the required fields, you can wait for feedback from them!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fast food service attendant?

A fast food service attendant is someone who assembles and packages food orders in carry-out containers and inside bags.

What is a food service counter attendant job description?

The job description of a food service counter attendant typically involves: greeting customers and taking their orders; preparation and service of food and beverages; maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene in all areas of food service; handling of all cash transactions made and overseeing the cash register; helping in inventory management; and also assisting in restocking supplies.

Food service attendant salary: How much do fast food workers make per hour in America?

ZipRecruiter predicts an hourly wage of $10.10 to $32.45 for food service attendant jobs, but on a general note, most of the fast food workers across the United States in 2024 will earn from $14.66 to $22.84.

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