Hutto Hippos Football: What division is Hutto High School football?

Hutto Hippos Football: What division is Hutto High School football? Hutto Hippos High School engages in a series of athletic events, including cross country and powerlifting. The school has an active volleyball team, a football team, a wrestling team, and a basketball club. The school is also active in swimming, soccer, golf, tennis, track, bowling, baseball, and softball.

The Hutto Independent School District has up to 12 schools with about 8,960 active students. And their football team is very active within and outside the community, symbolizing a rich history, keeping up the traditions, and building a long legacy of success. The Hutto Hippos athletic program’s football team has captured the hearts of many students, including alumni, the community, and the world at large.
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What division is Hutto High School football in?

In Texas high school sports, the University Interscholastic League (UIL) is responsible for grouping schools into six (6) divisions on the basis of the school’s population.

  1. Schools rated as 1A groups are the smallest division. On the list of 1A schools are those with populations below 104.9 students.
  2. Schools rated as 6A, the largest division, are schools with populations of more than 2,220 students. The Hutto High School football team is in the 6A division. The Hutto Independent School District has up to twelve( 12) schools with about 8,960 actively registered students, making it a 6A division school.

The University Interscholastic League (UIL) is a body that is responsible for creating rules and administering all athletic, musical, and academic contests in all the public primary and secondary schools in Texas, United States. It is the broadest organization of its kind in the world. Hutto High School operates as a public high school and is located in Hutto, Texas, USA.

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How can I join the Hutto Hippos football team? Hutto texas football

If you are a student athlete who wants to play football for the fall season, then you are expected to make your application through the spring football season.

The football team at Hutto Hippos High School is always ready to welcome serious-minded students who would join the growing team of athletes in breaking world records.

To join the movement, the steps to follow are quite easy, and you just need to send the right application details to get started.

All you need to do is email the football coach at william.compton@huttoisd.neto. You will be set up for a meeting with Coach Compton.

Who is the football coach at Hutto High School, hutto tx football?

Coach Compton is a transformational coach who is known for his dynamic leadership goals and providential guidance in all of Hutto Hippos football history. He has served as both head coach and offensive coordinator, and in all the duties assigned to him, he positively made the narrative an interesting one. He is described by many as a servant leader, and his leadership has brought crowns to Hutto Hippos Football and to the general community.

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How many HS football teams are in Texas?

The number of high school football teams in Texas is increasing day by day, and for the first time in so many years, the number of Texas high school football teams is up to 1,500. More numbers are adding to this, and football competitiveness in the Texas city is increasing day by day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Hutto High School football unique?

What makes Hutto High School football unique when compared to other high school football teams in the area is the unique blend of community support offered by the team. The football team also boasts a rich historical context, with a great focus on team culture and a desire for success.

How has the football team at Hutto Hippos contributed to the school’s academic environment?

The football team’s drive towards achieving success has impacted not only the school’s designs and culture, but it has also gone a long way toward contributing to developing an environment that prides itself on academic achievements.


The football team at Hutto Hippos High School is very active within and outside the community; their existence and participation represent a rich history of culture and traditions, and they are building a long legacy of success.

I hope you have learned that Hutto High School football is in the 6A division. Now explore more of our interesting and educational articles on sports!

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