Student Korean Visa Requirements and Validity

Student Korean Visa Requirements and Validity

To study at Korean higher institutions as an international student, you should apply at the Korean Embassy in your country. To get this done, you should apply for a visa as soon as you locate the Korean embassy in your home country. You should contact the Embassy in your country or your school for further information about the visa application. In this content, you will find information about the requirements for a student Korean visa and all you need to know to get started.

Student Korean Visa Requirements

How much bank balance is required for a Korean student visa?

To get into their undergraduate programs, there is a minimum balance requirement for application, and it is generally higher than that of the graduate programs. Usually, you should have up to $10,000 or more. The amount might be less for some schools, and it is also dependent on your chosen academic field.

Documents required for applications

  • A visa application form
  • Passport and a copy of the passport ID page. (Note that the page should contain your photo.)
  • A passport-sized photo that is sized 5 cm×4.5 cm The passport must be taken with a white background in no time longer than the past 6 months.
  • Certificate of Your Admission: This certificate should be issued by the International Education Team of any Korea University.
  • An application fee of 60 to 90 USD
  • Your ID card, which is your personal ID in the country in which you reside
  • Certificate showing KU Business Registration; please bear in mind that this is required for the KU International Education Team on an individual basis, if specified.
  • Invitation Letter: The letter should come from the National Institute for International Education of Korea (NIIED) (if required).
  • A certificate showing that you have completed the Korean language training should clearly specify the attendance rate during the course of the training, with the appropriate duration outlined if applicable.
  • You will need a tuberculosis test certificate. This certificate is usually required from students who are applying from any of the below 19 countries:
  1. Bangladesh,
  2. Cambodia,
  3. China,
  4. East Timor,
  5. India, Indonesia,
  6. Kyrgyzstan,
  7. Malaysia,
  8. Mongolia,
  9. Myanmar,
  10. Nepal,
  11. Pakistan,
  12. Russia,
  13. Sri Lanka,
  14. Thailand,
  15. Philippines,
  16. Laos,
  17. Uzbekistan, and
  18. Vietnam

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The following additional documents are required if you are a student from one of these 21 countries:

  1. Bangladesh,
  2. China,
  3. Egypt,
  4. Ghana,
  5. India,
  6. Indonesia,
  7. Iran,
  8. Kazakhstan,
  9. Kyrgyzstan,
  10. Mongolia,
  11. Myanmar,
  12. Nepal,
  13. Nigeria,
  14. Pakistan,
  15. Peru,
  16. Philippines,
  17. Sri Lanka,
  18. Thailand,
  19. Ukraine,
  20. Uzbekistan, and
  21. Vietnam


  • Applicant’s Final Academic Credentials

You can select one from the following:

Apostille or a confirmatory certificate obtained from the Korean embassy or consulate based in the country where you completed your final education.

Check out:

Your documents can also come from the ‘China Credentials Verification’ if you are a student who attended and graduated from the institutions or schools in China.

  • Financial Statement: show evidence of the tuition fee (together with the receipt), and in the case of a scholarship, you have to specify.
  • Students should contact the Korean embassy or consulate that is in their home country prior to starting the application process for the visa to know if there is any extra required document during the application.

How can I get a student visa in Korea?

You can apply for a visa by first locating the Korean embassy in your home country. You should contact the Embassy in your country or your school for further information about the visa application.
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How long is the student visa for Korea? What is the validity?

The validity of a Korean student visa determines how long you will stay in the country. The validity of your stay is issued in strict accordance with the time range of the course you are going for, following the admission certificate requirements. For instance, if the time range of your studies in Korea is three (3) years, the validity of the stay to be issued to you is also three years. You just need to plan yourself ahead because you may not be allowed to stay an extra day once the validity is exhausted.

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