Weiss High School Football: Ranking, Coach

Weiss High School Football: Ranking, Coach – Weiss High School is a reputable institution based in Pflugerville, Texas. Weiss is currently the home for excellence in education and community pride. The high school is popular for its many outstanding athletic programs, and its football program is top-notch. At Weiss High School, you are taught the real and practical definition of what is known as teamwork, sportsmanship, and dedication, and every student-athlete has something to offer in the game. Read on to learn about Weiss High School football, Weiss coaches, rankings, and other interesting things you definitely need to explore about athletics at Weiss High School.

Weiss High School Football

Weiss High School in Texas has a very active football program. Their football team boasts of recent wins over the years, and they even won the district championship back in 2020. The football team at Weiss is coached by Vernon Hughes, who is doing an excellent job indeed and is developing the program while getting their players ready for success.

Weiss High School is offering a wide range of athletic opportunities for students from all backgrounds, and these programs are to enable the athletic-gifted students to show their talents to the world and pursue a career of passion. The school has an undying commitment to the grooming of well-rounded stars. Weiss High School is actively registered with the Texas State Athletics Association. With registration under the Texas State Athletics Association, the school is eligible for access to some of the resources and opportunities that are collectively enhancing the smooth running of athletic programs in the school. The Texas State Athletics Association is also offering a platform for Weiss High School scholars to compete against many other registered high schools spread across the state. This development has created a healthy competition among athletes in the school and admonished students to keep on pushing for the best.

Weiss High School in Pflugerville, Texas, is an exemplary institute for lovers of football and other athletics like softball. At Weiss, physical fitness is a core practice. You get to learn how to build teamwork in spirit while building a huge sense of community. Weiss High School football will prepare every student for upcoming success, and they can succeed not only on the field but off the athletic field.

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Weiss high school football ranking

Weiss football is ranked in the 48th position in the ranking by Texas Division 6A. Aside from that, Weiss High School’s football program over the years has been boosted by consistent excellence in skills and practice. Weiss High School in Texas is ranked in the 628th position among other schools within Texas.

One special attribute that makes the football at Weiss High School outstanding is that their scholar-athletes have a balanced academic and athletic balance.

Weiss High School Football Coach

The head football coach for the Weiss High School football team is Vernon Hughes. Like they say, behind every successful football team stands a coach who knows the rules of the game.  Coach Hughes is the one who is in charge of outdoor facilities at Weiss High School (WHS) in Texas. In January 2023, the Pflugerville ISD promoted Vernon Hughes to his present position. Vernon Hughes dedicated his time to sports, and he spent a decade of his life working with Austin. He was one of the most respected assistants for the team; his resilience and dedication won him the position he is now in!

Hughes got upgraded into his position by the Pflugerville school district; his promotion was very necessary as he replaced Steve Van Meter, who was the then head coach at WHS. Steve was also the athletic coordinator for the campus boys team at Weiss High School. Before his appointment, Hughes was the offensive coordinator for the past three seasons at the Wolves, where he worked under the Van Meter leadership. He also helped in the development of the area’s most explosive offenses.

His office contact is: 512-594-1451

Reach out to WHS football on Twitter: @WeissFootball.

The assistant coaches for the WHS team are

  • Montana Duncan,
  • Zach Weathersby,
  • Brett Morgan,
  • Randy Perez,
  • Emery Atkisson,
  • Josue Flores,
  • Devin Chappell,
  • Jordan Shaw,
  • Jeremy Mitchell,
  • Michael Cockerill,
  • Jonathan Darnell,
  • Miguel Gutierrez

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Who is the head football coach at Pflugerville Connally?

Charles Burton, who for the past two (2) seasons served as a former head coach for the Del Valle High School team and a former assistant coach for the Lake Travis team, is the coach at Pflugerville Connally. He is also the coordinator for the boys athletic team.

Who is the athletic director of Pflugerville ISD?

The Pflugerville ISD school board athletic director is Huffman Hargrave, and the head football coach is Mike McEachern. McEachern was appointed to replace Todd Raymond, whose tenure came to an end after five years of working with the district.

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