How to get a Bulgaria job for Burmese

How to get a Bulgarian job for Burmese: Burmese seeking job opportunities in Bulgaria can now start the process of job application for their desired career path. In this article, I have carefully outlined the different Bulgarian job and Burmese options available to you as you seek a greener pasture.

Is it hard to find a job in Bulgaria?

Truth be told, if you are a Bulgarian local with little or no skill, it can be hard to find work because the country’s unemployment rate is relatively high. On the other hand, if you are an expat with certain special skills in growing industries like the IT field and you can speak a foreign language, you stand a higher chance of This is the case for Burmese searching to secure jibs in Bulgaria.

Can a foreigner work in Bulgaria?

Foreigners can work in different positions in Bulgaria, but before they can be fit for such work, they must apply and get a single permit or work permit; a visa “type D” form alongside a residence permit. Please bear in mind that the residence permit is not applicable for those on a single permit.

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Bulgarian jobs for Burmese

Seeking to work in Bulgaria? The country currently has job openings in certain professions for Burmese and other foreigners from across the globe. Here are some of the available jobs to apply for as a Burmese in Bulgaria.

1: IT professional jobs

On the list of IT jobs are jobs for the following professionals:

  • Programmers,
  • Software developers,
  • Web developers,
  • other information technology specialists

2: Healthcare professional jobs

In the list of Bulgarian jobs for Burmese in the healthcare industry, there are positions seeking to recruit:

  • Doctors,
  • Nurses,
  • Pharmacists
  • Lab Scientists
  • Other medical professionals.

3: English teachers

Burmese teachers who have acquired a professional level of English proficiency are encouraged to apply to the different job openings in schools, colleges, universities, or private training centers.

4: Jobs in the Bulgarian Tourism Industry

Burmese citizens can apply for work in the Bulgarian tourism industry as follows:

  • Hotel workers,
  • Tour guides,
  • Tour operators
  • other professionals in the tourism industry

4: Bulgarian job for Burmese in the construction industry:

Burmese can be employed to work in the construction industry in Bulgaria as:

  • construction workers,
  • bricklayers,
  • carpenters
  • electricians

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These jobs are highly in demand when you get to Bulgaria.

How to get a Bulgarian job for Burmese

To get a job in Bulgaria as a Burmese citizen, you need the right information, as there are not many job opportunities, but with the necessary qualifications, skills, and knowledge you get from this article, your chances of getting these jobs are high.

1: Research the in-demand jobs in the Bulgarian labor market.

Some of the popular, highly paid jobs in Bulgaria have been highlighted. You just need to narrow it down to the skill you have, the sector actively recruiting, and the occupations that are highly in demand at the moment. To make the journey easier, you can find out about the latest jobs online via the following wing job boards:

  • bg,
  • com, or
  • UNjobs,


The above sites post the latest Bulgarian job for Burmese citizens.

2: Prepare your CV and write a well-crafted cover letter.

To get Bulgaria job for Burmese, your  CV and cover letter should be as clear as possible,  concise, and tailored to the exact job you are applying for to secure placement. Take note of the following key points:

  • Highlight all the relevant experiences gained.
  • Clearly state your educational qualifications and include all the relevant
  • Write in a professional format.
  • Your language of writing must be professional and explicit.
  • By all means, try as much as possible to do away with any form of spelling or grammar error.

3: Apply to get a work permit and visa to Bulgaria.

A work permit is usually required for foreigners (outside the EU region) seeking to work in Bulgaria to work legally in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Employment Agency is the body in charge, and you can obtain the visa from the closest Bulgarian Embassy or their consulates in your home country. Please note that you must have secured a job in a Bulgarian industry to be eligible to apply for these documents. And the processing time ranges from several weeks to months; for this reason, early application is key.

4: Learn how to speak the Bulgarian language.

Since you plan to work in Bulgaria, it won’t be out of place to start learning their language of communication. Even though the English language is generally acceptable, knowing the Bulgarian language will help you build associations and maintain customer relationships.


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