Construction management lecturer in Scotland

Construction management lecturer in Scotland: The Scottish universities are in need of great tradespeople like construction managers to help quicken the growth of the tremendous construction industry, but one thing is certain here: the future tradespeople are to be first lectured, inspired, nurtured, and trained by lecturers in the field so they can become the best in skill and practice. Could that be you?

Are you searching for how to become a construction management lecturer in Scotland and how to get started in the field? All you need is available; just read carefully!


Who is a construction manager?

A construction manager is the officer in charge of leading, planning, as well as organizing construction projects. This manager is saddled with the study and implementation of the technical aspects of construction, the financial aspects, and the planning aspects of any construction project. Your job requires that you work with other professionals in the construction industry, like architects; you would also coordinate the construction workers.

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What is the job of a construction management lecturer?

A lecturer in the area of construction management is one who specializes in any of these study areas in the business and construction industries.

  • Architecture
  • Engineering,
  •  Business and management,
  • Planning,
  • Surveying

They may specialize in one or more of these areas; for instance, a construction management lecturer at the MSc level can specialize in both planning and surveying.

How long does it take to become a construction manager in the UK?

To obtain a bachelor’s degree in this field from the UK (Scotland), your study duration can take up to four years, and upon completion, you are awarded a bachelor’s degree as a junior lecturer, and you can lecture students on the basics and fundamental skills in construction. Among the fundamental skills are:

1.Material management, methods

3.Economic management.

For better pay, one can also get his or her Masters and PhD degrees in construction, with the Masters degree taking no more than 2 years. Alternatively, you can become a construction manager by taking a two-year associate degree program, and with this qualification, you may need to show relevant work experience to get a job.

How to become a construction management lecturer in Scotland

There are many ways to become a construction management lecturer in Scotland. You can start by enrolling in a university course or furthering your studies in a related postgraduate discipline. You can also consider an apprenticeship or submit your application directly to the recruiter for work.

One thing you should note is that most recruiters are not just interested in academic qualifications; they are also in need of craftsmen who are enthusiastic and ready to adapt and learn and they are in need of applicants who can keep to instructions.

To become a lecturer in construction management in Scotland, UK, you should do the following:

1 Gain relevant educational qualifications.

Obtain relevant degrees in any of the above-mentioned study areas with at least first-class honors or second-class uppers, and the qualification must be in the subject you desire to teach.

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2 Apply for the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).

The card presented by CSCS upon the completion of the skill training may be required when you want to work on a construction site in Scotland.

3 Gain relevant experience in the industry.

You should be experienced in teaching, and you can apply for teacher qualification programs. To be a vocational subject lecturer ( majority of lecturers in this category are engineering lecturers or surveying lecturers), you should have years of relevant work experience practicing in the industry.

You can also gain teaching experience in the construction industry by leading and organizing undergraduate classes while obtaining postgraduate degrees in construction-related disciplines. Luckily, some institutions of higher learning pay you while you do the work of graduate teaching assistants; this is one sure way to gain experience practicing as a teacher.

4 Enroll for an apprenticeship

You can also apply for a postgraduate apprenticeship program to become a construction management lecturer in Scotland. This qualification is specifically recommended because most employers recruiting lecturers set their own entry requirements with a minimum of postgraduate qualification (the likes of master’s or PhD qualifications) before you can be able to lecture.

You can start an apprenticeship program as long as you are over the age of 16. The company employs you fully in the industry, and you would have to turn in not less than 30 hours of work a week.

As a way to boost your qualifications and possibly secure the lecturing job, you could gain more experience by working on weekends and holidays. When your employers see you, they will be pleased to write good things about you.

5 Skills in the following areas boost your qualifications:

Gaining relevant skills in these areas can make you an outstanding choice for the construction manager lecturer job in Scotland. You should have a knowledge of teaching and research; your verbal communication skills should be excellent and sound; you should be sensitive to details and have high understanding ability; your analytical thinking should be sound; and your problem-solving skills should be excellent. Last but not least,  you should be able to put up your own initiative to solving a problem.

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What is the salary of an MS in Construction Management in the UK?

For someone with a masters degree in construction management in the UK, you can earn a paycheck ranging from 45,000 GBP to 60,000 GBP (45–60 lakh INR) on an annual basis. Your salary is dependent on the specific job role and the level of experience you have.

How much does construction management cost in the UK?

To study construction management for your postgraduate degree, it will cost between £15,000 and £30,000, and the postgraduate degree is a one- or two-year course. The cost of schooling depends on the university that you apply to.

How do I become a construction manager in the UK?

To become a construction manager in the UK, you are expected to have a higher national diploma or degree in any of these subject areas: building studies or building engineering, surveying or civil engineering, construction engineering, construction site management, and estimating.


Construction management lecturers in Scotland earn a relatively good paycheck. With the right qualifications, you are on the right path if you are considering becoming a lecturer in construction management.

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