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Hiring Middle/High School Vice-Principal at Majuro Cooperative School: The Majuro Cooperative School is in need of a qualified middle and high school vice principal, and all interested candidates can now apply to stand a chance of working for the school, with many benefits and coverage to enjoy. This is a private and secular PreK–12th grade school with a small population, located in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. 

For a person who wants to live in a comfortable environment focused on developing relationships, the Marshall Islands is the best place to stay, and you will surely enjoy it. Majuro Cooperative School students are respectful students, and they are always eager to learn.

Job Description

The school is in need of teachers who are adventurous and instructors who are in search of a professionally challenging experience that has juicy awards and would offer them the teaching experience they need.

This school is offering a great opportunity to you if you wish to start a professional career in the international teaching world. If you wish to get into the international teaching world, this might be the best work for you. Are you trying to work in a small, well-traveled area? Then this is for you.

Summary of Details about Middle/High School Vice-Principal

Country to work in: Marshall Islands

Employment Type: This is a full-time opportunity.

Contract Length: 1 year plus

Category: Instructor

About Majuro Cooperative School

Majuro Cooperative School is a school located in Majuro open to pre-K to 12th grade students. The school’s location (Majuro) is the capital city of the Marshall Islands.
The Majuro Cooperative School was established in  1975. The school was founded by a small committee of parents who care about their children’s future and want to give their children the high-quality education they deserve. The school was first accredited in the year 1994 (March) and registered by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Later in 1997 (April), Majuro Cooperative School was given a 3-year extension to the accreditation term earlier given. There was another revision in March 2000. The revision gave her an extra 3-year term of accreditation with an additional two-year extension, which sprang through 2005 and 2007. The school was accredited for an extra three years to spring through the summer of 2010 in the year 2007. Following the 2007 accreditation, there was a 2010 revision that granted the school another six-year accreditation. This revision was performed by WASC. In 2016, the school obtained a six-year accreditation, which expired in 2022. The following revision was delayed by the pandemic, but in 2023, the school was able to get another six-year accreditation to spring through 2023 to 2026.

Other opportunities abroad!

Who can apply for a middle or high school vice principal job?

To be fit for a middle or high school vice principal job in the Marshall Islands, you have to meet the following requirements as set by the recruiting department:.

Here are the required qualifications:

  1. If you are in possession of a US teaching license or have a school administration license, your application will be given preferential treatment.
  2. If you are in possession of a master’s degree, your status is preferred.
  3. You must be in possession of at least a bachelor’s degree.
  4. You should be familiar with and have experience with the implementation of the United States Common Core State Standards and NGSS.
  5. You should have experience with curriculum development, and you must be experienced in instructional coaching.
  6. You should have the desire to work and serve as a leader as you teach 1-2 middle or high school classes.
  7. A middle or high school vice principal job requires that you have the desire to work as a member of the co-principalship or as a vice principal who would assist the school principal.
  8. You are experienced in working in a developing country, or you have lived in a developing country.
  9. You have experience in budget management.
  10. You have experience managing buildings and their maintenance.
  11. You have experience working with expeditionary learning and restorative justice.
  12. You are experienced in the maintenance and creation of relationships with different communities, people, volunteers, and government agencies.
  13. You are sensitive to cultural adaptability, and you have an adventurous attitude.

Financial Coverage and Benefits

  1. You enjoy a paid flight to RMI when you complete the contract, and you also get a paid return flight when you complete the contract.
  2. You will enjoy a paid housing stipend.
  3. Support of $120 (pre-tax) will be given for utilities.
  4. As an employee, your children get 40% off tuition at the school.

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