Big 75 Scholarships: Amount and Application Requirements

Big 75 Scholarships: Amount and Application Requirements: The Big 75 Scholarships are special financial aid support opportunities open to exceptional students who are sound in both academic and community service. These scholarships will offer selected students financial assistance for their academics, and they will also open doors to many more valuable networking opportunities along with a series of mentoring programs.

Those who wish to learn more about this program’s financial coverage and eligibility criteria should read carefully!

Categories of the Big 75 Scholarships

1: The Big 75 Research Grants

The Big 75 scholarship offers research grants to qualified students, which will provide a financial award for them to carry out certain levels of investigation and exploration in specified areas of research, academic projects, or questions. Funding for these grants is sourced from funding agencies, government organizations, public and private foundations, or private institutions of higher learning that are interested in promoting scientific advancement and those that support knowledge creation.

2: The Professional Fellowships

Professional fellowship opportunities are available for individuals who wish to get immersed and gather hands-on experience in their different areas of specialization. Usually, to be able to apply for fellowship opportunities, you must be a professional, a recent graduate, or a researcher who wishes to enhance their skills and knowledge while building networks.

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Summary of Details About the Big 75 Scholarship

  • Big 75 Scholarships Has up to $1,000,000+, which is dedicated to funding advanced degrees.
  • These scholarships Covers up to twenty (20) plus disciplines at both the master’s and PhD levels.
  • All their fellowship opportunities and grants are completely vetted, and they are open to current opportunities.

Big 75 Scholarship Amount

This scholarship maps out about $1,000,000+ in grants to fund selected candidates in their advanced degrees.


Winning a Big 75 Scholarship Grant is not just about the amount you get; it stands as a testament to show that you have exceptional abilities and that you have made huge impacts in your community.

Other Benefits to Gain from Big 75 Scholarships

1: Recognition

The most interesting thing that makes you exceptional as a Big 75 scholar is that you stand a higher chance of being recognized by a whole lot of people. And this is a positive recognition that can open doors to many other opportunities, like scholarships, internships, research grants and projects, and an offer to study abroad.

2: Your experience level is boosted.

With the experience gained from Big 75, your academic and personal growth will

You will surely improve, and you will soar higher than your peers.

3: Networking Opportunities

Big 75 Scholarships are offered alongside many other exclusive networking events, and you get to attend free mentoring programs. With these opportunities, one can connect and link up with professionals in their area of interest, and of course he or she can gain relevant insights while building a relationship that can be very useful in the near future.

Additionally, the professional guidance and support offered through these programs can be of help in solving most of the challenges you may encounter in your academic journey so that your future career prospects are on the right track.

Requirements for the Big 75 Scholarships

  1. You should have a sound academic record, as that is one of the fundamental eligibility criteria for the Big 75 Scholarships. The scholarship host is looking for students who have consistently aced their studies and who show a strong commitment to their education. So if you maintain high grades, are actively participating in your class discussions, and study outside your classroom environment to advance your knowledge, you might be the best fit for this opportunity.
  2. You must demonstrate that you are active in community service. This is also a very important consideration for Big 75 scholarships. More values are placed on students who actively contribute to the growth of their communities and those who make positive impacts through their actions.

Among the activities rated as community service and engagement are:

  • Volunteer roles at local organizations,
  • Engaging in community projects,
  • initiating or participating in their own initiatives to solve social issues.

Your level of participation in community service is what shows that you are dedicated to making positive changes in the world, and it shows that you can lead and inspire others.

  1. The Big 75 scholarships need candidates with strong leadership qualities, and they expect that students who have the ability to take initiative, people who can motivate others, and people with a good team-working spirit will key in to their opportunities. You can show leadership experience at different levels, including:
  • Heading a student organization,
  • Being an organizer of events,
  • taking on leadership duties in extracurricular activities.

When you carefully show your leadership skills and experiences,  your chances of being selected for this program are significantly boosted.

How to Apply for Big 75 Scholarships

Gathering all the required documents

You should first wait until the scholarship is open to receiving applications, check the required documents, and use them for your application.

Writing a Well-Crafted Personal Statement

While you gather your application documents, start creating a compelling personal statement about yourself, as it will be used in the application. This is the only opportunity you are given to showcase your achievements to the Big 75 team. Feel free to showcase your personal growth and your dreams and aspirations. You should tell them the reason to offer you scholarships among other applications received.

Make your application and submit it.

Fill in all the necessary fields and submit. As soon as you have submitted your application for this scholarship, the selection process starts.

Screening and selection

The screening and selection process for all Big 75 Scholarship applications usually involves carrying out a thorough evaluation of every application received. The decision is made by a panel of experts who will assess all the applications received, looking out for performances in academics, community service, leadership potential, and the personal statement submitted during applications.  Good luck!

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