Scholarships for 16-year-olds near me

Scholarships for 16-year-olds near me: There are different scholarship opportunities for young students who are exceptional in what they do, ranging from academics, sports and athletics, and talents, to mention but a few. If you are searching for scholarships for 16-year-olds, then tune in and read carefully to find out which is best for you!

What is the youngest age at which you can get a scholarship?

Scholarships can be won as a small child; you don’t need to sit and wait until you get to high school or college to start applying for scholarships. Legal US residents who are aged between 5 and 21 years old can apply for scholarships. Don’t say it is too early for your 5-year-old child to win a scholarship; these opportunities will help you save for their college tuition.

Scholarships for 16-year-olds near me

1: The German Scholarship Program by the UK-German Connection

British students who have an interest in German and who have studied the language for two years with exceptional grades can apply for these scholarships at 16 years old. Students aged 16 and older are free to apply for this opportunity. The program duration is four weeks, and you will get to enjoy the following:

  • One-week stay in Bonn,
  • A two-week homestay staying with German families,
  • Explore some popular German cities and
  • More exciting activities with students of the same age as you.

Your experience and fun are fully funded by the German government, and your cost of travel is settled as well.

2 Westminster School scholarships for 16 years old

The Westminster School awards up to eight (8) Queen’s Scholarships on an annual basis to students who have successfully completedThe e Challenge which is a difficult entrance exam that every aspirant would have to pass through. The Queen’s Scholarship is one of the best scholarships for 16-year-olds to consider, and the scholarship will cover half of your boarding school fees; your sponsor will just have to pay the remaining 50%, and you are free to apply for a bursary.

You may be interested to apply for these scholarships:

3: The British Science Association’s National Science and Engineering Competition

If you are a brainy student who is aged 16 and wants to participate in a science competition, you can consider enrolling in the British Science Association’s National Science and Engineering Competition. The scholarship is available for children aged 11–18 who are residing in the UK and who are enrolled in full-time study for their achievements. The competition is open to students in the fields of science and technology, engineering, and mathematics. This competition is not more of a scholarship but a prize, and you can win up to £2,000.

4: The CREST Scholarship Award Scheme

The CREST scholarship scheme is one of my best picks for the top scholarships for 16-year-olds. The scholarship is specifically organized to support people who are aged from 11 to 19, with topics ranging from science, engineering, technology, and mathematics.

5 Harrow School scholarships for 16-year-olds

These scholarships for 16-year-olds are available for children who are talented in the arts or music. The scholarships are also available for general academic promise. Harrow School scholarships for 16-year-olds offer an Outstanding Talent Scholarship to reward young boys who have exceptional talents in not more than three activities that would significantly contribute to Harrow School’s progress. Harrow School recognizes talents in

  • Ball games,
  • Athletics,
  • Swimming,
  • Drama or
  • Design technology.

6 WWDC Student Scholarships by Apple

The WWDC Student Scholarship organizes an Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, which is a form of global gathering to educate talented web developers and get in contact with Apple engineers. This is one of the best scholarships for 16-year-olds, and if you are a student who is interested in website development, then you can apply for the Student Scholarships by Apple, open to students aged 13 and above.

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How old do you have to be to get a scholarship in the USA?

Scholarships are available for children at the class level and up to the college level. There are no age limits for securing a scholarship to study abroad in America. One thing you should know is that you are to meet the specific eligibility requirements for the scholarship you want to get, and whenever you see a scholarship opportunity, all you should do is check the age requirements and see if you fit in to avoid wastage of effort.

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