What you didn’t know about Jen Schroeder Softball

Jen Schroeder Softball: Jen Schroeder is a softball player turned into a global instructor. She is in the field of empowering the young female athletic generation in softball to reach their competitive potential; she teaches them to build confidence and the best way to connect to themselves for all-round groups, both on and off the field.

What you didn’t know about Jen Schroeder

1: Her life of positive influence is powered by sports.

Jen’s positive influence in softball and beyond is proudly powered by sport. As someone who has been a softball player, she definitely would be the best option to consider for a coaching class, as she drives her teaching with the energy and passion she has for the sport. She is dedicated and willing to develop, support, and groom young girls who want to pursue a career in softball, and with her coaching classes, they will definitely grow into outstanding athletes who represent the female gender in global sports.

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2: Jen Schroeder  Softball as the president of Bruin Athletic Council


Jen was involved in different competitions, starting with the UCLA Bruins competition from 2004 to 2008 (where she was among the 10 honorees of the All-Pac); she was also a participant at the Women’s College World Series three (3) consecutive times; and she was the president in charge of the Bruin Athletic Council.

3: She was nominated among the Top 50 coaches.

Jen was nominated for the list of the top 50 most influential coaches globally, and during the voting session, she was in the #22 position.

The following year, FloSoftball listed Jen’s clinic team in the first position on the list of the most influential people in softball.

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4: A little to know about her biography

Jen was raised in Yorba Linda, CA, and her high school career was celebrated at Esperanza. Right from childhood, she has been in the spotlight for her achievements; she was her school’s MVP for the Sunset League. She was a member of All-Orange County, she belonged to All-CIF, and she actively participated as an All-State team member. She was outright everywhere, even in travel ball, where she was awarded Covered Player of the Year for ASA by the prestigious Firecracker organization.

5: Jen Schroeder Softball is a co-owner of the Packaged Deal Clinic Series.

Jen Schro Catchind and Jen Schroeder are the founders of The Packaged Deal Clinic Series, and the softball coach is a co-owner of Softball Performance Workshop. She is also an ambassador for Easton Fastpitch, and all she does is render positive impacts on the lives of young people through sports.


6: She is a powerful voice to reckon with in softball.

Jen is going places around the globe; she educates players and coaches on the best skills in sports, on how to build confidence, and how they can maintain their relevance by being good at the game.


7: Appearances


  1. She was a headliner during the NFCA convention, which took place in 2014 in Las Vegas, NV.
  2. She is presently in charge of analysis at the ESPN Big West Conference.
  3. She was a speaker at three (3) Women in Sports Conferences held in Southern California.
  4. In 2016, she made headlines at the Midwest Coaches Clinic.
  5. In 2017, she made headlines at the World Softball Coaches Convention.
  6. She is a lead-catching instructor under The Packaged Deal.

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Final Thoughts


Jen is dedicated to coaching girls in both physical skills and outside skill building. She has continued to render selfless services to positively lead the girls into a positive future and to make their families proud. She aims to make these young athletes better players and good people in society. She is best described as an outgoing and fun leader; she is a dreamer and knows how best to set and achieve goals. Jen is always working closely with girls to improve their skills, share her wisdom, and imbibe in them the desirable attitudes to success. She is a source of motivation for them, and she challenges these athletes from time to time to aspire. She teaches them that it is best to tackle huge goals, as it helps in achieving their dreams.



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