Asian Ballet Academy tuition fee and scholarship

The Asian Ballet Academy is an academy for people seeking to advance their ballet skills and for those in search of scholarship funding to get ballet training. All you need to know about the academy’s tuition fee, including scholarships, is covered in this article.

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What is the Asian Ballet Academy tuition fee?

The tuition fee structure for Asian Ballet Academy requires that students pay an average of RM1590 in monthly tuition. There are other attached fees, like an admission fee and a course fee; all these are highlighted in the overview below.


  • Admission Fee for Asian Ballet Academy: RM1000
  • Tuition Fee for Asian Ballet Academy: RM1590 Monthly
  • The Russian Ballet Association Teacher’s Certificate Course will cost up to RM7400.

The course content includes the following:

  • Year one (1) Professional Diploma in Dance
  • Year two (2) Executive Advance Diploma in Dance
  • Year three (3) Executive Degree in Dance
  • Year four: Executive Master in Dance

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Which is the best ballet in Asia?

Asian Ballet Academy is a leading ballet school in Asia for aspiring ballet dancers. You can visit their website to get started with the ballet program.

At this ballet academy in Asia, students are driven through a professional journey under the extensive network and training done in the academy. They are driven to become creative in the industry and the academy is offering series of global internship opportunities alongside other career development opportunities.

The goal of Learning at the Ballet Academy includes

  • To improve studentsknowledge in ballet and music
  • To imbibe on the students the required technical capabilities inobtaining training and classical ballet education to make your dream of becoming an artistic dancer a reality.
  • To give students an avenue to go on with their professional pursuit via the extensive network training in the academy of creativ
  • Their training Modulesincludes training in Acting Skills , Anatomy , Characte Dance, Contemporary Dance, Dance Career Planning, Visual Arts, learning Ballet History, Ballet Pointe, Ballet Repertoire, Ballet Teaching Methods, Ballet Technique,  the Fundamentals of Psychology, Etiquette Class, Music and Nutrition.

Asian ballet academy Scholarship Program

Asian ballet academy also offers scholarship opportunities for students on merit or financial need basis . The academy believez that when a person is offered an opportunity to learn and perform what he or she love, there are high chances of being motivated till the end and with that your chances of success is sure.

The Scholarship program at Asian ballet academy was structured to , encourage, recognize, discover and support all the talented individuals who are interested to pursue higher education in the Asia Ballet Academy.

The academy is giving back to society by promoting education, and so there is usually an annual scholarship opportunity to be won during their academy events. You just need to perform your best at their events and you can become recognized to win their scholarships.

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