Military schools for troubled youths in USA

Military schools for troubled youths in the USA: There are many military schools for troubled youths around the world, and the main aim of these schools is to help the troubled young minds turn their lives around.

If your child is in the category of troubled youths and you are searching for the best military schools for troubled youths to get him or her enrolled, then you should select a school that will do a perfect job for him. One proven fact about military schools is that they will help in fixing the bad behaviors of your troubled child, and here in this article, the best of them have been highlighted, so just read carefully and choose wisely!

How much does it cost to go to a military school in the US?

Before even choosing a school for your troubled kid, the fees and cost of attendance should be well weighed out. The cost of education at most college preparatory military boarding schools in the US normally ranges from up to $25,000 to about $50,000 on an annual basis. This cost may roughly be for the tuition fees and not the other study expenses (e.g., uniforms and other stationery).

How did we do our analysis of the best military schools for troubled youths in the USA?

  1. We considered the quality of education rendered by the respective schools.
  2. We considered the tuition fee structured
  3. We considered the school’s history in the training of troubled youths.
  4. We also considered the school environment and location in a serene environment.

The best military schools for troubled youth in the USA

1: Fishburne Military Academy

Fishburne Military Academy’s annual tuition fee is $37,500. The school is a private boys military institution with both boarding and day facilities. Troubled youths from grades 7–12 can register at the school. Established long ago in the year 1879, Fishburne is located in Waynesboro, Virginia, United States, and is among the oldest educational institutions in the country.

2: Asheville Academy

Asheville Academy is in the top 2 list of the best military schools for troubled kids in the USA. Located in a picturesque mountain valley, the Asheville Academy has programs and activities that are well structured to assist families whose young children are faced with a series of issues ranging from behavioral challenges to a lackluster academic performance to emotional distress. The school has an admissions chancellor who would help you in considering the best program for your child, and you can contact them via their number: (800) 264-8709. Visit the Asheville Academy website to learn more.

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3: Oak Ridge Military Academy

Oak Ridge Military Academy is a military school for troubled girls and boys who are in grades seven (7) through twelve (12). The academy is located in Oak Ridge, NC, and its establishment dates back to 1852. It is the oldest military school that is based in the United States. The tuition and fees for attending this college are about $32,000 annually.

4: Massanutten Military Academy

This school is located in Woodstock, VA. The Massanutten Military Academy establishment dates back to 1899, and the institution is focused on providing education for boys and girls in grades seven (7) through twelve (12). In Madsanutten, students are given the opportunity to get a standard and quality high school diploma in a military setting or a college preparatory diploma in a military school. This school is among the best military schools for troubled youths, and their tuition costs up to $29,000 annually. There is also an additional cost of up to $3,000, which is to cover the cost of books and uniforms. As a returning student, you will have to pay a discounted rate.

5: Missouri Military Academy

The home of Missouri Military Academy is Mexico, MO. The school mode of administration is aimed at imbibing in students academics, self-discipline, and character development; they also lead cadets on the task of striving to achieve their potential. Young men who are in sixth grade through 12th grade are fit to enroll in the academy. The student population is drawn from all 50 states and more than 30 different countries. As for the tuition fees, room and board, and other payments, it costs roughly $38,000 annually.

6: Southern Preparatory Academy

The annual tuition fee here is $28,500. The Southern Preparatory Academy is among the best military schools to take your troubled youths to in the United States, and the school was founded in 1898. The academy is located in Camphill, Alabama, USA.

This is a private military boarding school that is only available for boys, and your troubled son can be enrolled right away. The school provides a well-structured environment that is conducive to learning, and the chances of distraction are minimal.

7: Hargrave Military Academy

With an annual tuition fee of between $39,500 and $15,900, the school is open for boarding and day classes.

This military academy is a private day and boarding school in the US that is open for boys in grades 7 to 12. The class size is also a good indicator that the school provides top-notch learning, and their average class size is just 10 students. To locate the Hargrave Military Academy, you can get to Chatham, USA, and ask about the National School of Character.

At what age do you go to military school?

The acceptable age to go to military school is usually set by the respective schools, but generally the age should be between 12 and 15. There are still military colleges that accept kids up to seven years old, and you just need to speak with the admissions counselor to know about their age requirements.

What military schools are available for 16-year-olds in Texas?

Among the military colleges highlighted in this article, you can choose from any of them as a 16-year-old. But if you are looking for the top pick for Texas, then consider The Texas ChalleNGe Academy (TCA).

This military school in Texas is specifically for youths aged 16 to 18 who consider dropping out of school or those who are dropouts. Students who meet the age requirements regardless of their sex, race, or ethnicity can apply to the TCA program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is US military school free?

The United States Military Academy in West Point, New York, offers a free education with no tuition fee for attendance. Students or Cadets who are luckily selected into the West Point are registered as U.S. Army, and they stand a chance of getting the following benefits: an annual salary, room reservations, board, medical care, and dental care.

How many years does it take to graduate from the US Military Academy?

The US Military Academy is a four-year program, and upon graduating, you get a Bachelor of Science degree, and you also commission as an Ensign in the Navy or are awarded a Second Lieutenant badge in the Marine Corps.


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