Apply Now: Welder-Assembler Jobs in Canada 2024 for High School Graduates

Apply Now: Welder-Assembler Jobs in Canada 2024 for High School Graduates

Applications are called to submit interest forms for multiple job vacancies available for welder-assembler jobs in Canada in 2024. RM Recruitment International makes this opportunity available to only eligible candidates. Read on to see if you are qualified and find out how to apply as you continue reading.

Who can apply?

To be fit for an application, you must meet the following eligibility levels:

  1. You must have attended high school, have taken courses that are related to welding, or have undergone training or certification in the FCAW welding process.
  2. FCAW and GMAW are the major welding types, but experience with FCAW is necessary.
  3. Experience working in a shipyard welding facility or a big structural welding facility.
  4. Working experience in the marine industry is an added advantage.
  5. Experience working on offshore drilling rigs.
  6. You should be able to read blueprints and offer professional interpretation of important welding procedures.
  7. You should be able to perform and operate all the positions in welding (starting from 1G to 6G);
  8. You should also obtain a vocational diploma in welding, a diploma in assembly, or any other related work experience.
  9. You should be able to work in confined spaces, at different heights, and in outdoor spaces.
  10. You should be able to read and interpret blueprints, and your ability to work as part of a team is very much needed.
  11. This job requires 80% ship welding and 20% shop welding.
  12. Experience on offshore drilling rigs will be a major boost to your qualifications.
  13. Having a driver’s license is also an added advantage.
  14. You should have good communication skills.

Summary of Details about Welder-Assembler Jobs in Canada 2024 for High School Graduates

Job Title: Welder-Assembler Role

Educational Qualifications: not least a high school degree or a vocational course

Application Deadline: June 13, 2024

Principal Employer: RM Recruitment International

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A little to know about the principal employer: RM Recruitment International

RM Recruitment International’s specialization is providing solutions as it relates to job recruitment. RM International Recruitment is fair in all its dealings, and they recruit workers who are the best-specialized applicants for a job role that will meet the desires of their clients.

What is the job description of a welder assembler?

Here are the job responsibilities and descriptions of welder assemblers in any establishment:

  • Reading of blueprints and offering professional interpretations concerning the different welding procedures;
  • Working with blueprints, cutting material, and making fixtures;
  • Performing welding tasks according to the set procedures of FCAW and GMAW;
  • Performingwelderwork tasks and related activities, or as specified by the project you are working on;
  • Engaging in support activities that are mapped out by the health, safety, and environment management system.
  • As a worker in this role, you could be asked to work at a different location (the same applies to all Québec workers). There would be assistance with relocation by the host.

Application Deadline for Welder-Assembler Jobs in Canada in 2024 for High School Graduates

You don’t need to wait until the application deadline for welder-assembler jobs in Canada. The earlier you make your application, the better chances you may get, so you don’t hear unforeseen stories.

The last date to submit your application is June 13, 2024. We advise that you make your application before that day, as this job recruiter would not be held responsible for any network glitch that comes with a last-minute application.

Just before making your application:

Carefully create a professional CV, and make sure it is outstanding.

Make sure that your resume or CV is filled with all the relevant information that can make you stand out. Do not fail to include your educational qualifications, work experience level, and skills.

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How to Apply for Welder-Assembler Jobs in Canada

1: Start by registering on the application portal.

Navigate to the apply now button below; you will be led to the application portal. Click on the “Register” button to start the process of applying. Carefully read the application guidelines and click on the (x) button to fill out the rest of the application form.

2: Fill in your details and upload the required documents.

Every required piece of information must be needed, and you should make sure that your photo and CV are correctly uploaded in the designated field.

After that, you will get to the PEOS Certificate ID section on the form; do well to fill out all the necessary fields in the form.

3: Download and carefully fill out the job evaluation form.

Click Download and completely fill out the evaluation form for your preferred position.

4: Conclude with the registration.

When you have provided all the details needed in the form, click on the “Register” button to complete your application.

In cases of difficulty in applications

If your email is not signing up and you have registered with the email, all you need to do is log in and check on forgot password” to carry out a password reset. Persons with no PEOS ID can obtain theirs at the PEOS website.

To learn more and to file a complaint, reach out to the email line at and provide a screenshot of the problem you are facing. Good luck!



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